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Create Solution in Solution Manager 7.1

This Blog show how to create Solution in Solution Manager 7.1 to allow you to manage your system in the best way.


The Solution allows you to take a few systems together and create EarlyWatch, Alert monitor, “CDMC”, GO-LIVE Upgrade, Analysis, “BPM”, Service level reporting.

Copy the solution, send solution data setting.

You can create one of your choices for example you can create it for “QA”, “DEV”, “PRD”.

Or for upgrade landscape, for availability monitoring, “MOPZ” and more.

Solution Manager create a standard solution for “PRD” system

When you create “PRD” system the Solution Manager add the system to the standard Solution.

In Solution Manager 7.0 we can see the solution in transaction Solution_Manager

In the New Solution Manager 7.1 we see the solution in the work center, transaction Solman_workcenter

Go to work center – Solution Manager administration.

Create Solution:


To create new solution we need to press new

In the popup windows we type name for the new solution


We can activate or deactivate the solution

Assign new system to the Solution

To assign new system to the solution we press the name of the solution

In the new windows we can to assign new system change the name of the solution

Change the leading role, description, activate the “CCMS” monitoring for the solution.


New functionality in the solution screen is that you can open service connection for the solution, and manage your system access.


Hope the blog helps you in Solution Manager 7.1


Naor Shalom.

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