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App Economy Bucks the Global Economic Trend

Over the last week I have seen a number of Tweets and Blog postings that have brought to everyone attention the fact that, Mobile App demand is being eagerly supplied by the growing Mobile Developer Community. I have seen this over the last few years by attending some local Mobile Developer Groups and Communities.

Take the article from Paul Krill of InfoWorld, He states a US based report that “Demand for iPad, iPhone, and Android apps has created nearly half a million jobs for developers of mobile and social apps“. Check out the full article here

For sure a large percentage of the jobs listed, designers, developers etc will be in the areas of Start-Ups or individual Indie Developers, but I strongly believe this trend will be repeated in many countries and will eventually spread into the Enterprise space, as more and more companies embrace the advantages of in-house built Mobile Apps. As I stated in an article for TechWorld Mobility in business is now a necessity – Don’t get caught in the starting blocks (check it out here)…

“So what would a company be without its in-house IT teams? For one thing, it certainly wouldn’t be very agile, probably relying on standard off the shelf software solutions. This in turn makes them dance to the tune of vendors, fitting their needs into something alien, or worse still changing ways of working rather than following their own business processes. It’s no surprise then that traditionally city companies have enjoyed IT development teams that can rapidly build bespoke top class systems in an agile way. Company application development and full-time developers have always gone hand in hand, but now is the time that companies should be looking at using those resources to build in-house mobile applications that mobile workers will need now and in the years to come”

Its my total belief that more Mobile Developers will either join Enterprise Teams or be crossed-trained to Mobile Technologies from now on!

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