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Super Bowl Social Media Shootout

After watching my Twitter stream light up yesterday with comments on the Super Bowl, I just had to fire up SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase to take a look at the social media winners of yesterdays Super Bowl.

Here’s what I found.

I used the solution to identify the brands with most buzz, and limit the timeframe to the February 5th and 6th 2012.  SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase has a minimum of 12 months of history, so I wanted to make sure we weren’t picking up any buzz from last year’s Super Bowl.

Doritos, Volkswagen, and Chrysler were the three brands generating the most positive buzz and mentions.  But how would they look when compared?

The compare feature allows me to compare multiple topics to see how they performed in term of overall sentiment.  The chart above shows that the VW ad had more positive sentiment, and less negative sentiment from what was expressed on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs between Feb 5 and 6 2012.

But what were the emotions expressed?  Luckily, SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase can also identify and compare the emotions as well as overall sentiment.  

Super Bowl Ad Sentiment

This chart shows that there was more of an emotional response to the Volkswagen ad than the others – including both negative and positive emotions.  Still, the positive emotions far outweighed the negative ones.

Despite all the mentions expressed online towards these compelling ads, nothing compares to the volume of Tweets that Madonna generated during halftime 🙂

I hope you enjoyed learning about the capabilities of SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase.

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