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SAP Portal & Taleo Single Sign On

Hello SDN viewers, today I am going to right on a e-recruiting solution named Taleo and it’s integration with SAP Portal. Basically this integration is for the Single Sign on solution which is achieved between SAP Portal and Taleo.

While building this solution we searched on SDN, Google etc… to get any leads, some method to achieve SSO but could not find any documents, so I decided to write this blog so that users will get some benefit with this.

I know you must be wondering that SAP has it’s own e-recruiting solution which is very powerful then what is this Taleo. Let me give you some information about Taleo e-recruiting solution.

Taleo is a worldwide leader in Talent management and recruiting. One of our customer they decided to implement Taleo, I will not go into the details of why Taleo and why not SAP E-recruitment and what are the pros & cons.

The customer has very huge SAP implementation and their intranet is SAP Portal. The requirement was to access the Taleo application thru an intranet Portal which is SAP Portal. Initially there were few challenges on how we will achieve this solution, so we started exploring the different solutions and methods which will be suitable and accepted by business.

Taleo recognizes the authenticated users by their PERNER’s (Personal Number); challenge was to send the pernrs to taleo using a safe and secure method.

Team came up with a solution which works on S2ML assertion and encryption APIs provided by Taleo. The application provides single sign on to all intranet users.

It also provides mechanism to get the external users logged in to Taleo via SAP portal seamlessly.

Application scope and description

The application performs the following tasks:

1)      Make a webservice call to ECC and fetch the pernr for the logged in user.

2)      Create the S2ML xml with pernr and other data.

3)      Check if JCEKS files for encryption exist; if yes then encrypt XML using the file else create the file and then use it for encryption.

4)      Add the encrypted string to Taleo URL as a post parameter and redirect.

5)      We have developed an HTML file in SAP KM; which is used when candidates try accessing Taleo directly from internet.

Application uses below SAP features:

1)      ECC BAPI wrapped in a Web service

2)      Deployable Webservice proxy DC

3)      PAR file development

4)      HTML development

The web service proxy dc is a highly recommended approach by SAP and use of S2ML XML is the best approach to achieve SSO solution between SAP Portal to any third party application.

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  • Hi Sushil,

    Thanks for sharing the info. Could you please share detailed information that how did you create web service , S2ML xml? Is there any blog/article or SDN document? I am not able to find much on sso config bw taleo and NW portal 7.3.