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PPM 4.5 to PPM 5.0 Upgrade

Hello to all SDN users hope everyone is doing good, trust me guys writing a blog is like a very huge task for me and that to think on some topic and then put some details about it. But don’t worry this time I have decided the topic and yes it is on my personal experience in upgrade of PPM 4.5 to PPM 5.0.

This upgrade journey started with responding a RFP for one of the prestigious customer. The requirement was to upgrade the existing PPM environment from v 4.5 to v5.0. You know responding to RFP is always a challenge as there will be lots of competitors, vendors who will be biding and responding to the RFP and yes here also the situation was same. We need to bid with another three competitors.

So to respond to a RFP I started doing analysis and research on various aspects of PPM 5.0, started with the prerequisite for the PPM 5.0, upgrade dependencies, known issues, new features, how the upgrade is going to affect the existing functionality, things to take care while other parallel projects going on and most importantly minimum downtime for the production systems.

I will go thru the details of all these in below sections but the important thing which was key for the RFP was the project plan, resource plan and the timelines. But here we will only focus on the major aspects of PPM 5.0 upgrade.

1.    Prerequisite & Upgrade dependencies for the PPM 5.0 upgrade: Prerequisites of the Support Packages (SP) of SAP Portfolio and Project Management

  • Support Package 23 (at least 22) of SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP Solution Manager 7.0 system (see SAP Note 0001169247)
  • CPRXRPM 500_702 SP05 requires (as a minimum):
  • SAP NW (SAP_BASIS and SAP_ABA) 7.02 SP06
  • SAP_BS_FND 7.02 SP04
  • SAP Enterprise Portal: 7.0 SP20  or 7.01 SP05 or 7.02 SP06
  • Adobe Document Services (ADS) 7.0 or 7.10
  • BI_CONT 7.0.3 SP8 or higher
  • SAP Content Server  – SAP recommends that you use version 0046
  • TREX 7.0 or TREX 7.10
  • ECC 6.00 SP Stack 11, if using integration to SAP FI, SAP HR, or SAP PS
  • For enhanced ERP integration, SAP ERP 6.0 enhancement package 5 is required

2.    Minimal System Landscape 

SAP Portfolio and Project Management consists of three main components:

  1. SAP Portfolio and Project Management (SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.02)
  2. SAP Portfolio and Project Management add-on (CPRXPRM 500_702),
  3. Optional KM document management (PPM_KM)
  4. Product instance SAP NetWeaver – Adobe
  5. SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP NW 7.0 BI Content 7.0.3

SP08 or higher)

  1. SAP NetWeaver Portal / SAP NetWeaver Business Client
  2. SAP Solution Manager (7.0 EHP1 SP22 & higher)

SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 replaces both the SAP Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP RPM) application and the Collaboration Projects (cProjects) application.
This also means that SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 is the successor product of both “cProjects 4.5” and “SAP RPM 4.5”.

SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 is included in software component CPRXRPM 500_702 (ABAP). Only for Portfolio Management: If you (optional) want to use KM for document management, you must additionally install component PPM_KM (Java) from SAP Service Marketplace (This is not necessary, when you are using KPRO document management). The Java component CPRXRPM_UI of “SAP RPM 4.5” is obsolete and not needed any more for SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0.

For using SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 in the SAP Enterprise Portal, you must install the “Business Package for Portfolio and Project Management 5.0”(BP_PROJ_PORT_DESIGNCOLL 5.0 70).

Please note that you must install the “Business Package for ERP Common Parts 1.5.1” as a mandatory prerequisite to use the “Business Package for Portfolio and Project Management 5.0”.

3.    PPM 5.0 Upgrade Sequence:

  1. Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.02 and apply the required support packages
  2. SAP NW (SAP_BASIS and SAP_ABA) 7.02 SP06
  3. SAP_BS_FND 7.02 SP04
  4. Upgrade CPRXRPM 500_702 is an add-on for SAP NetWeaver 7.02
  5. Check/Install SAP Internet Graphics Server
  6. Check/Install Adobe Document Server
  7. Upgrade SAP NetWeaver PPM Portal
  8. Install/Upgrade the Portfolio Management Java component PPM_KM


Post-Upgrade Activities

4.    Functional Innovations and Special Features

A detailed description of all new and/or enhanced functional innovations and new features can be found in the Release Notes.

  • Portfolio Management – Highlights:
    • Changed User Interface Technology and Navigation Paradigm:
      The navigation panel on the left side has been replaced by tabs which allow you to change the most important data of a portfolio element without having to navigate. By changing the UI layout and the navigation paradigm a harmonized look and feel between Portfolio and Project Management is achieved. As both applications use WebDynpro ABAP as UI Technology consistent personalization features are provided.
    • Classification:
      Besides the standard portfolio structure you can define alternative classification hierarchies. The hierarchies can be used to analyze the portfolio items and initiatives along e.g. Region, Brands etc… For the financial and capacity planning you can define how much of the planned values are assigned to the buckets of the classification hierarchy.
    • Enhanced SAP Project System Integration:
      Integration between SAP Project System (PS) and Portfolio Management has been enhanced. You can now create PS projects using an operative project as a template directly from a Portfolio Item. For this scenario automatically an object link for integration of financial data is created. The decision points of an item can be linked to WBS elements of the project. Synchronization of attributes and status between the Portfolio and the PS layer is supported.
    • Enhanced Financial Planning and Integration:
      The user interface for the financial and capacity planning has been enhanced so that the complete hierarchy of categories, groups and views is visible. You can define your own filters to reduce the number of visible entries.
      In addition the integration for Financials has been consolidated. The number of involved reports for uploading financials from base systems is reduced and the data retrieval is not done via RFC instead of ALE.
      For the mapping of financials during upload new mapping criteria is supported. This includes mapping of Portfolio Views to Cost Element Groups, Cost Centers, and Activity Types.
    • Document Management:
      The Document Management between Portfolio and Project Management has been consolidated. For Portfolio Management a KPro based document layer can be used which provides the same look and feel as the document management in Project Management. The KM based document repository is however still supported.
    • Project Management – Highlights:
      • Confirmation of Tasks and Checklist Items:
        The main functions for confirming tasks and checklist items are available on new additional screens. You can select for example several tasks from different projects in the Tasks work center. Choosing Confirm opens the task confirmation table in a new window.
      • New Views for Resource Management:
        For resource management several new sub views have been created to allow a better overview of the staffing situation in the project.
      • Forecasted Dates:
        Forecasted dates are available for project elements and they are mapped to the forecasted dates of the item of the Portfolio Management application.
      • Drag and Drop:
        Drag and drop for project elements is available in the Detail-, Table- and Graphic View to change the project structure as well as to create relationships between tasks.
      • Version Comparison:
        Version comparison in the Gantt chart for snapshots, simulations, and forecasted dates. You can do a version comparison of an operational project in the Gantt chart for snapshots, simulations, and forecasted dates. Starting from a snapshot or a simulation, you can also compare a snapshot or a simulation with an operational project or another snapshot, simulation, or forecasted dates
      • Visualization of Scheduling Conflicts:
        The rows of project elements with a conflict can be highlighted in the GANTT chart.

5.    Required SAP Notes for PPM 5.0 upgrade:

Note 1377104 – FAQs – SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0

Note 1377082 – PPM 5.0: Support package information and notes

Note 1402804 – Support Packages for CPRXRPM 500_702

Note 1399319 – Portfolio Management: Customer UIs

Note 1402912 – PPM 5.0: Supported Browsers, Java versions, etc.

Note 1417134 – PPM 5.0: List of all BAdIs

 Note 1416519 – PPM 5.0: Support Package Schedule 

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