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SAP HANA Information Composer – for the Non-Technical User?

SAP HANA Information Composer is positioned as a tool for the Non-Technical user.  Using Information Composer, the user should not have to go to IT to get their SAP HANA modeling done.  With the help and encouragement of Juergen Schmerder, I thought I would give it a try.


In this scenario, I am a “business analyst” combining two SAP HANA Analytic views: one view has NYSE data and the other view has AMEX data (courtesy of Ronald Konijnenburg).  Then I can use SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Edition for Office to analyze the data (or BusinessObjects Explorer) further.

The first step is to log in using this URL on your SAP Hana system.



Figure 1, logging on

Logon with your SAP Hana User name and password as shown in Figure  Figure 2, Compose


Figure 2 Compose


Compose is on the left side at the top as shown in Figure 2.  Click Start + icon to get started with the Information Composer.


Figure 3, Specify Source of Data


Figure 3 shows you select your first source of data.  I am going to select the Analysis Analytic view, which contains NYSE data, courtesy of Ronald Konijnenburg


Figure 4 – a view of the ANALYSIS Analytic View with NYSE data

After showing Figure 4, click Next to select the next source of data.


Figure 5  AMEX Analytic View


Figure 5 shows AMEX Analytic view.  Click the Next button to combine.


Figure 6 Combine


Figure 6 shows the “combine” or union was successful.  As an end user, I did not need to tell SAP Hana what the joins were, which is nice.


Figure 7 Manage Fields


Figure 7 shows how I can select fields to be included in the Information View (like SAP Hana Calculation View) for reporting.


Figure 8 Finish


Figure 8 shows the Finish line.  Now I can share this Information View with others and publish it.


Figure 9 BusinessObjects Analysis Office


I start SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office, log on to SAP Hana, and select the Information View I just created as shown in Figure 9.



Figure 10 – Analysis Office, view of Combined AMEX/NYSE data


Figure 10 shows the combined AMEX/NYSE data, and now as a business analyst I can start analyzing the data.


Key Takeaways:

1) Was Information Composer easy to use?  Yes, this only took a few minutes

2) This was easier than creating a union in SAP Hana’s using a Calculated View

3) The business analyst still needs to know the data. Notice how I did not even look at the joins of the combined table; that could be a risk if you do not know the data.


I could see this used in other scenarios where a business analyst may want to upload data from Excel to enrich the SAP Hana calculated view.  However, if the data is disparate, you will still need a SAP Hana expert modeler to design this a calculated view.

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  • Thanks for your blog. Looking forward to try this tool. I am using HANA development box. Information composer icon is not opening any application window. Any suggestion why this is happening.

      • You should first click Short cut “Start information composer” .bat file present on your cloudshare desktop and then use the URL mentioned above by tammy powlas . Then it should work.

      • Thanks for the reply. I tried the “Start Information composer” but it is giving me below error:

        “log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for the logger (

        log4j:WARN please initialize the log4j system properly.”

        Is there something else I need to do?

  • Hi Tammy,

    We have the HANA Set up in our organization. HANA version is SPS03 revision 21

    I want to use the Information composer.. How can i use the same?

    Please suggest and guide

    Thanks in advance.



    • Neha – Krishnu explained in the thread above to do the following:

      “You should first click Short cut “Start information composer” .bat file present on your cloudshare desktop and then use the URL mentioned above by tammy powlas . Then it should work.”

      Not sure if that .bat file is resident on your HANA system but you should check it out.  I was using the Cloudshare system as well.