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Application Setup Wizard in Mobile Gateway

Working with APLICATION SETUP WIZARD in Mobile Gateway


Application Setup Wizard was developed in SP04 of Mobile Gateway (MGW ).  It is a one stop place for configuring parameters required for applications using DOE SUP architecture.  It is particularly useful when a new system is setup. 

Why this blog

As a developer of the app wizard I have read many queries from customers about how to use the wizard, how can I start application setup again and what are the implicit steps that are part of App wizard, what happens if I click FINISH etc. In my blog below I have tried to address these questions. In case you are new to MGW 1.1 and are using the application wizard for the first time, please read the sections STARTING THE APPLICATION SETUP WIZARD and ROADMAP steps  towars the end of the blog.


 On reaching the last step FINISH button will be displayed. User can CANCEL the setup at any time by pressing the CANCEL button and he will be redirected to the screen displaying all the ESDMAs.


This will be enabled only when you reach the last step (SYNCHRONOUS EXTRACT). Once all the above steps are done press FINISH button to complete the setup. First a pop up asking confirmation of Setup is displayed. Pressing NO will take you back to the last step.

On pressing YES all the configurations will be saved in the system and the following steps are executed asynchronously via the LDQ queue SDOE_APPSETUP_Q. Status of the queue is also displayed. The steps mentioned below are done implicitly. That means whenever user presses FINISH these are done. When you do the setup again these are done once again only if there was an error in earlier execution or there was an update to meta data.

  1. Setup and Repair
  2. Generation of all Data objects in the SWCV used by the ESDMA
  3. Generation of Backend Adapters
  4. Generation of Distribution Models
  5. Generation of structure wrappers
  6. Generation of ESDMA


After this the user is taken to the view status screen. Here the status of the executed steps is shown. On clicking of the individual steps, details will be shown.  Queue status refers to the queue SDOE_APPSETUP_Q. Entries can be seen in transaction SMQ2.



On the bottom of the status screen there is an ABORT button. This will delete all the entries in the queue SDOE_APPSETUP_Q and allow the user to start setup again for that ESDMA. But the configurations saved and steps that are already executed will not be reverted. These values are visible to the user when he starts the setup again. This allows the user to edit a wrong value or update an existing one, if there is a change in the landscape.


First, thing is is to start the wizard. The link is availble in the user menu as shown below.

Make sure you have SAP_SDOE_ESDBR_DWLD role assigned. From the user menu select ESDMA Application Setup. This will open an ABAP Webdynpro application.


On the Application Wizard screen list of all the ESDMAs in the system belonging to that client ( mandt ) will be displayed. If the configuration has been triggered for a particular ESDMA then on lead selection VIEW  STATUS button will be shown else START SETUP button will be displayed.



 On choosing the Start Setup button following steps will be displayed in a roadmap. User can navigate via NEXT and PREVIOUS button to the following steps.

 1. Backend Destination Configuration

2. ESDMA Configuration

3. Backend Search Function Configuration  ( appears only if ESDMA has Backend Search functionality )

4. Rule Activation

5. Synchronous Extract Configuration

 By default the values are prefilled in these screens with the existing values in the system for these configurations. Each screen contains Quick Help and explanation test to help the user understand these screens and their functionality. More information about the above steps can be found at :

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