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SRM 7.0 : Text types & text mapping between SRM & backend objects

One of the challenges faced in earlier versions of SRM has been overcome by introduction of “Text Mapping for Inbound and Outbound Texts”. This configuration allows the mapping of texts types between SRM to ECC.

This blog will help in creating new text types in SRM and mapping existing/new text types to ECC documents.

Step1:   SRM Text types:

Lets start by understanding text types in SRM, how these are used in different business objects like SC, RFx.

 SPRO – SAP Supplier Relationship Management – Cross-Application Basic Settings


a. Define Text types: We can view the standard text types used & define our own text types.

Select the text object BBP_PD and click Text Type. Click New Entries and specify the ID and meaning.

e.g. We are creating new text type “Delivery Text” with ID DELT.


b. Define Text Schema: Once you have defined text type, the next step is to assign them to transaction types.

We can select the text type & specify it as header or line, changed by all users or by workflow user or hidden. Also we can specify if it is copyable or not.

e.g. We will assign the “Delivery text” at line item level in shopping cart.

To do so, select the text schema used in transaction type for shopping cart (generally it is SC)


Users would be able to view new text type as “Delivery text” in shopping cart line item.

Step 2: ECC text types:

We can view & define text types for purchasing documents in ECC configuration.


e.g. for purchase requistion we are adding “Delivery text”.


Step 3:  Replicate ECC text types to SRM for mapping.

Run the report : /SAPSRM/GET_TEXT_CUST_ERP. This report replicates the text mapping rules defined in Customizing of SAP ERP to the SAP SRM system.



Report result

Step 4: Map the texts:

When the texts types are updated in SRM from backend. These will be available for mapping in the following configuartion.


Choose the backend system, backend object type & map the text types.


For our exmaple, Delivery text is mapped to PReq line item delivery text.

Hope this is helpful.



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