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SRM 7 EhP2: Entry of Unknown Account Assignment to SRM

A lot in changing in the world of SRM, new improvements are coming in the form business functions & customizing switches. Let’s understand how new functionalities are delivered in SRM and focus on entry of unknown account assignment to SRM which might open new oppurtunities for SRM usage.

Part 1: How new functionalities are being delivered in SRM:  

A two-step approach is used to deliver the functionality,

Business Function: Display customizing activities and Customizing switches

Customizing switch: Activate new fields or execute new code

The business function only activates Customizing switches and does not directly activate any code or fields.

One business function can control multiple customizing switches; each switch can be activated separately based on requirements.

Part 2: Entry of Unknown account assignment: 

There are a lot of incremental improvements in Ehp2, for this blog let’s focus on Unknown account assignment.

You can use the Unknown account assignment category in SAP SRM procurement documents. The account assignment category determines which account assignment details are required for an item, for example, a cost center or an internal order. At the beginning of the procurement process, if it is not yet clear which account assignment category should be assigned to an item, you can assign the Unknown category to the item. Later in the procurement process, when the account assignment category is known, you can change the account assignment category for the item.

Extended Classic scenario:

You can assign account assignment for requirements with unknown account assignment in procurement documents in SAP SRM.

Classic Scenario:

Purchase order is created in HELD mode in SAP ERP which can be changed by the buyer to provide account assignment.

Plan Driven Procurement:

It is now also possible to transfer external requirements from SAP ERP to SAP SRM as part of the procurement process with unknown account assignment “U”. This will allow strategic sourcing events like RFx & Auction for such requests generated in backend.

Benefits: This will really help in service procurement & maintenance work.  When the services are procured & you do not yet know which accounts are to be debited, you can use the account assignment category ‘U’ up until confirmation is performed.

Configuration Path to activate the Customizing switch:

SRM Server Cross-Application Basic Settings Account Assignment Activate/Deactivate Unknown Account Assignment Category

The Customizing switch Additional Account Assignment Types (SRM_702_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT) is not compatible with Procurement for Public Sector (PPS) and can be reverted.


Hope this helps.


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  • Dear Ashutosh,
    Nice to know the details of the unknown account assignment in SAP SRM 7.02. We faced the similar requirement from our client in our current implementation of SRM 7.01. Along with service procurement, I feel the functionality of unknown account assignment will also come handy in limit items.


  • Hi,

    In SRM 7.03 seems this is delivered as Standard, as this is already available in Account Assignment categories. I dont see the the switch for this?