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“SAP gives Inside Track attendees method to mobility madness!”

Start with the end

I can’t remember if it was my MBA or Project Management readings that introduced me to the technique of starting a task by first envisioning the final product. Before 2012 even started, I was thinking about end goals, asking myself, “What impact can SAP, my team and I make on our community in 2012?”

One of these goals is to bring more dialogue, and hopefully, a method to the excitement or ‘madness’ around the topic of mobility (and of course, this includes mobile analytics). This goal was influenced by several events I experienced last year – namely, attending Midnight Mobile Madness event at SAP TechEd Madrid, Mobility Demo Jam at SAP TechEd Beijing, and reading the ongoing blogs and discussions around SAP’s mobility strategy. Stating the obvious, the title of this blog is my end goal.

SAP Inside Track Vancouver 2012: a.k.a. “Mobile Madness”

SAP Inside Track is a local community event that brings together SAP customers, partners, and experts in an un-conference setting to share, learn and connect with each other. We held SAP Inside Track in Vancouver starting in 2010, and then again in 2011. We’ve had such high levels of engagements that I can’t think of a better setting for experts, beginners and fans from our community to meet each other face-to-face and share their knowledge and experience on the topic of Mobility.


On April 12, 2012, get ready to experience the familiar elements that make SAP Inside Track Vancouver successful:

  • Free (seats are limited)
  • Expert-led sessions on relevant topics
  • Interactive and open forum in the beautiful SAP Executive Briefing Centre
  • Option for online participation
  • Door prizes (donated by internal and external supporters from our community)
  • Pimped-up Inside Track logo (our super talented and creative interns keep our maverick-spirit alive!)

What’s new for this event:

  • Mobility Demo Jam session – If you’ve ever been to SAP TechEd, then you’ll know about Demo Jam – where contestants have mere minutes to explain and perform their demos. This Mobility Demo Jam will be a mini-version of TechEd. (Impromptu demos may be possible if we have any time left.)
  • Mobile everywhere – Make sure to bring your web-enabled mobile devices. This event will be interactive in more ways than one! For example, attendees can check-in to the event, step through mobile apps with session speakers, and even vote for Demo Jam winners – all on their mobile devices!
  • Hands on – In addition to your own device, you’ll have the chance to try out a few different devices we’ll supply, plus try exclusive apps not yet released.

Check out the SAP Inside Track Vancouver 2012 event wiki for more information about registration, agenda, how to enter the Mobility Demo Jam, and many other valuable links to mobile resources on SCN and elsewhere.

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  • Hello Jason

    Nice blog post, love the counter.

    I would like to hear about "how easy it is to get started with Sybase Unwired Platform" as a SAP partner, as a customer etc.

    The last I heard was that it was a real pain to get a demo environment from SAP to try out these products and get started on development.

    I would love to hear about this and if it's still difficult, what SAP is planning to do, to change this in the near future.

    Depending on time differences and activities I will be attending live or watching the replays (I do hope those become available).

    I already send word to a number of persons who are really into mobile (for me it's side track interest) to make them aware of this SIT.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your feedback and for contributing the topic! I'm sure it is very relevant to our partners and customers who are in the process of learning more about SUP. I will pass this on, and hope that even before the event, there will be more information provide via this blog or elsewhere on SCN.

      Yes, if you're not able to join the sessions, we plan to have recordings available for anyone who would like to catch-up.

      Finally, I just updated the event date today - new date is April 12, due to schedule conflicts. I think this extra time will also give any Demo Jam applicants an opportunity improve their demos.