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Discover how University of Mississippi is extending the reach of its SAP applications with SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Social media, interactive web applications, a variety of devices. These are some of the experiences customers are integrating with their SAP® applications to extend the reach of their data to more users using SAP NetWeaver® Gateway. Watch the recording of our latest webinar hosted by SAPinsider here.

The agenda includes Univ. of Mississippi’s business scenario, technical overview, project best practices and a demo of their current applications supported by Gateway. In addition, the session covered customer and partner momentum as well as roadmap and next steps. The webinar was lead by SAP’s David Brutman and Univ. of MS’s Frank Matthew.

In this webinar,

  • We covered capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Gateway.
  • How University of Mississippi is using SAP NetWeaver Gateway to enable easy access to backend applications for internal and external users.
  • Learn about project best practices and the required skills for a successful implementation
  • Get information on product roadmap, next steps and access to the trial version

Below are the questions and answers asked in the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

1) Do we need to be on a certain version of the NetWeaver stack to use the Gateway?

A. Require NetWeaver 7.02 on Gateway and backend SAP system should be 4.6C or higher.

2) Can we use Gateway for RF devices used on the production floor?

A. Sure, as long as that device can make an HTTP call to Gateway.

3) What is the positioning of SAP-PI (potentially with REST adopter) and SAP NetWeaver Gateway?

A. SAP NetWeaver Gateway is an add-on for SAP NetWeaver. It expose SAP business suite data as a REST based service using Odata protocol provided from Microsoft.  PI is mostly used to connect different system, like B to B which also allows to expose data as a web service but the architecture is more complex then SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

We can use SAP NetWeaver Gateway to develop people centric application, mostly user interaction scenario.

4) About security, where should the Gateway to be placed in the system landscape for access from the outer world? In the DMZ?

A. Most common scenario is to have Web dispatcher in the DMZ and connect to the Gateway system in your network.

5) How many systems of Netweaver Gateway should be installed in the system landscape while using a 3 tier landscape?

A. Just like your business suite system, it is recommended to have DEV/QA/Production systems and GW is on each of that.

6) On your security slide, Are you using SAP Logon tickets in the mobile session to get to back end systems? You mention that the portal actually controls access to the application itself. How does this happen?

A. University of Mississippi utilizes a custom login form within the portal to post the user’s credentials from the app. This form returns the single sign-on session cookie and some custom authentication data via injected HTTP headers. The iOS app then automatically continues to use the session cookie as a part of all subsequent requests through the NSURLConnection class.

7) Why did you choose to develop via RFC and the generator vs. using the OData channel?

A. Because of the speed and simplicity, since no coding was involved using RFC generator in this case

8) How is HTML5 connected to the Gateway considering it is in the middleware tier?

A. You can use JavaScript in your HTML5 pages to call Gateway services. There are a few different JavaScript APIs out there to connect to Odata services and can be downloaded from

9) Will SAP be hosting a test bed for existing and prospective customers to play with?

A. Yes, there is already an online demo system available, learn more here:

In addition to this you can download a Gateway 90 days trial version based on VM image to test it out locally, learn more here:

10) Is the olemiss website an SAP enterprise portal based website?

A. The main website is separate from SAP; however there are publicly available portions of our portal (for instance admissions applications).

11) The presentation for Mississippi indicated using the SAP Portal for authentication. Is that a required instance for doing authentication with NetWeaver Gateway, or could NetWeaver Gateway handle authentication and SSO?

A. No, Portal is not required. Gateway can handle SSO, X.509, SAML, SSL, HTTPS and any other authentication mechanism which Internet Communication Framework (part of SAP NetWeaver) supports.

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