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Setting Custom base Format for Date Fields at Crystal Reports – 2008

Setting Custom base Format for Date Fields at Crystal Reports – 2008

Aim / Business Requirement: – To set the custom based format for the Date type fields as per the requirement instead of the default Date format.

To achieve the above requirement we would be required to follow the below steps

1)      Create a report at Crystal Reports 2008.

2)      Set the database and source tables for your report. 

3)      Drag the required field for the report along with the Date type field at the detail section of the report.

4)      Now at the Design Tab of the Report go the file Menu.

5)      At the file menu select the Option property.

6)      When we select the Option property a new Options Tab window opens up, at this new window select the Fields Tab.

7)      At the Fields Tab select the Date option from the provided list of the Field format.

8)      After we select the Date Option a new Format Editor window opens up which further has 4 tabs such as Common,Date,Border and Hyperlink.

9)      Select the Date Tab from the above listed option and select the Date format for the Date type field from the list of available formats as per the requirement or if required we can also define the custom format for the Date type field by clicking on the customize tab and setting the custom style for the Date field.

10)   Finally click on the ok button and refresh the report.After we refresh the report we would be required to replace the date fields from the source database and place them again at the detail section at Crystal Reports 2008

11)   Now go to the Preview Tab at Crystal Reports 2008 and refreshing it,observe that the Date field placed at the detail section will have the format as per the custom set format defined by the user.




By following the above set of steps we would have the custom defined format for date type fields instead of the default format at Crystal Reports 2008.


The custom format can also be set for other field types by selecting the appropriate options from the below list from File Menu – Option Property – Fields at Crystal Reports 2008.


1)      String

2)      Number

3)      Currency

4)      Date

5)      Time

6)      Date and Time

7)      Boolean.

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