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SCN active contributor silver !!

On Dec 28th , I posted my blog when I received the badge for Active Contributor Bronze and today I am posting my blog when I have received my badge for Active Contributor Silver.In a month , I could make this transition makes me even happier.

When I look back at this journey, I would say over a period of 1+ year in SAP CRM, I have become confident at WebUI and BOL/GENIL programming. Much of this happened as I have been either regularly reading/practising or contributing in SAP SCN.Initially I was reading or answering on the CRM WebUI forum but I graduated to writing blogs on topics which I would experience in daily life as SAP CRM consultant.Now I also have a list of topics , on which I would like to contribute. I keep working on them till I complete the blog.Also I also started searching for articles in SCN on CRM particularly and found a treasure trove.In short I have learnt to use SCN better. One of my suggestions to fellow members would be go on hunt in SCN for articles, blogs, wikis and forums in your area. There would be some very good articles, blogs or wikis which would enhance your learnings.And don’t forget to contribute later. Thats how this community is running.

I believe well begun is half done but continuing on the same path is a test of perseverance and character.To become an effective contributor my range of knowledge should be broader and I would like to focus on follwing areas in SAP CRM 

  • Frameworks such as One Order, Marketing etc and touch upon areas other than Sales.
  • CRM middleware or how does a CRM system talk to ERP or a third party software
  • All areas in WebUI
  • PFCG & Access Control Engines.These are the backroom boys which restrict my access to links.( I hate them actually hence would like to conquer them).
  • Business Use of CRM.
  • Mobile CRM ( one of my friend has promised me to introduce this concept).
  • Consuming Web Services in SAP CRM
  • Sales & Distribution Module of SAP ECC as this is the back bone of order processing in SAP world.


In the non-CRM areas i would like to fine tune my knowledge in the following areas

  • Web Services in general and in the SAP world doing some hands on this.
  • Sybase Unwired Platform. There was a good blog on SCN which I would be using as a starting point.
  • Workflow. This is the heart of the business software and I believe this is a must to have thing in my skill set.
  • ABAP webdynpro. I believe WebUI is similar to webdynpro hence picking that would be easy.


When I look at the above mentioned list, I believe that there is so much to do and I have such a huge opportunity to learn.If I achieve this within this year, then it would be great. As for the next badge of the active contributor, the quest for it would keep me on my heels.

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  • Hi Joshi, It was refreshing to see your list of things you want to learn in the future.  Often we find that prospective bloggers will write a list of topics that they propose to write about but rarely do we hear a detailed list from someone of the things they propose to learn more about.  And congrats on your attaining active contributor in the CRM area at the “silver” level.  I hope you feel, as you seem to write, that your learning level, as well as your sharing level, has advanced and brings you value here.  I, for one, enjoy the way you mark this milestone, not for it being one of prideful gloating about reaching the next level, but rather that you share what you have learned on the way.  Made me think I’d like to set my own “learning calendar” with some active goals for 2012.  Mine will include getting more exposure to our emerging technologies, but also understanding more about some of our industry solutions.  Thanks for the inspiration.
    • Thanks Marilyn.I believe there is so much to learn and i know so little that always keeps me going.Broadening my knowledge base is my plan for year 2012. And I would like to thank SCN for this as I have seen people more knowledgeable and more enthusiatisc than me, so i was inflicted with those.
  • Joshi… Great News!

    Seems you have meticulously ‘planned’ your targets! I now have also to plan a bigger bucket list. Nice to learn your focus areas & nches you plan to explore. More it looks like a SWOT analysis.. Have a great 2012 & keep kicking up the #scn calories!

  • It is great to have a goal and then put a check by it when you make it!  I know that’s what I love about programming.  Instant satisfaction when my program works.  Even greater satisfaction when the business uses it, and sends me an e-mail that they like it, and it is saving them XYZ amount of work.  YES!Michelle

    • Thanks Michelle.Started this activity for milestones but realized later that learning goes beyond that. If I achieve my goals that would also be a milestone.
  • Hi Joshi,
    Of course you won my heart when you said ‘Workflow. This is the heart of the business software and I believe this is a must to have thing in my skill set.’ > so true!  And I hope you will share your learning experiences with us in future blogs!
  • Hello Joshi

    The possibilities of being active on SCN are endless so my tip would be try and discover those options, don’t be afraid and try out new things. SCN community members will support you in doing that.

    You can connect to fellow community members. You can learn from them, collaborate with them, inspire them, get inspired.

    You can go out and meet those persons in real life.

    You can dive into new topics which you never thought you would.

    You can become a topic leader in a SAP area on SCN.

    You can present at a SAP event or help host an event.

    You can become active on Social Media around SAP.

    You can get connected to SAP and influence SAP products and services.

    The options are endless because I could go on and on.

    It’s great to see you discovered SCN and it’s clear you like it and for good reasons.

    I saw in your blog history that you attended a SIT. Did that inspire you to step up and become active on SCN?

    Kind regards


  • Its a wonderful achievement and i know how it feels like.. started blogging at almost same time you did and got the badges at the same time too.

    Lets go together to GOLD.

    all the best.


  • Kavindra,

    Its good to see you moving up in the contribution level. As a fellow SAP CRM Comunity Member i would advice you to keep on going and enjoy the journey.

    SCN is a great platform and the learning is immense!!!

    At any point in time should you need assitance, feel free to reach out to me.

    Harshit Kumar

    • Hi Harshit ,

      Thanks for the words. I am looking for some material to build my knowledge on SAP Marketing and Sales frameworks. It would be great if you could point some resources for the same.


  • Congratulations and I think with your list you realize that it’s a marathon and not a sprint when it comes to learing in CRM space. 

    A lot of great topics to learn and blogs like these help me want to be motivated to contribute/learn when I’m out of steam.

    Take care,