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Landscape Management Database (LMDB) – Frequently Asked Questions

New Home for the LMDB FAQs

We moved LMDB FAQs a bit in the SCN – for the new page, just click LMDB Frequently Asked Questions.

Aditonal Information

For more information on LMDB and related tools, product model, etc. see Landscape Descriptions

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  • Hello Wolf

    Could you tell us something about the plans that SAP has for LMDB in the future?

    It’s great to see you outputting a lot of relevant content on SCN.

    I think a lot of administrators still struggle to get everything right. That has several causes:

    The flow to insert a system and get everything right is confusing.

    Historical juggling of SAP with product names and types have created confusion.

    The multitude of places where you have to keep your system data correct.

    Cleaning up old CIM content data can only be done manually in some cases. For example cleaning up a diagnostics agent.

    Kind regards