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It’s a small world after all

I recently had the pleasure of escaping the cold north and enjoying a week’s vacation on a Caribbean cruise. Perhaps it is telling that I specifically chose a cruise as a way to force myself to spend a little bit of time away from my mobile phone. When the kids learned that I wouldn’t have my phone with me, their eyes actually lit up. “You mean no work, Mom? It’s going to be the best vacation ever!” So I committed that I would not work for an entire week. After all, the WiFi on board is horribly expensive, and the cellular coverage is non-existent. So I said goodbye to my phone and placed it in the safe.

I thought that I would be completely disconnected from work for 7 days and 7 nights. It turns out that even in the middle of the ocean I couldn’t escape SAP mobility!

The whole family set sail from Florida on a Disney cruise.  We had absolutely perfect weather (80 degrees and sunny every day) and we had a fantastic time at every port of call (except for when the Mexican bank machine ate my debit card – but that’s another story).

One of the highlights of our time at sea was dinner each evening. We had the pleasure of sharing our table with a family from Manchester, England each night. We got along very well, chatting every night well after everyone else had left the dining room. Our 4 year old daughters enjoyed hiding under the table, making faces and laughing hysterically. My daughter even started speaking with a British accent. But that is not what this story is about… This blog is titled “It’s a small world after all” for a good reason.

On day 6 of our 7 days at sea, our dinner conversation finally turned to work. Leah asked what my husband and I do for work and I indicated that we both work in IT. Interestingly enough, she was an IT Manager. Small world, right?  Well, not quite. I explained that I work at SAP and focus on enterprise mobility. Now here’s where the small world part comes in. On the other side of the world, she is currently working on an IT project to implement SAP Mobile CRM and is evaluating Afaria to manage her company’s Android devices. Oddly enough, of all the products in the mobile market, I spent the last several years marketing these two products.

I find it interesting that 1500 miles from my home (and 4500 miles from her home) in the middle of the Atlantic ocean we were randomly placed at the same dinner table by Mickey Mouse himself. At the end of the dinner, we laughed out loud when the wait staff (and I am NOT kidding here) broke out into “It’s a Small World After All”. It’s the stuff movies are made of. While they circled around the dining room singing the Disney classic, I realized the power and reach of SAP mobility solutions.

Mobility truly impacts every business. Whether you work in a bakery, a consumer goods company, an oil refinery or a cruise line, SAP Mobility solutions can transform the way you do business. The number of companies who are deploying mobility solutions today is truly staggering. Even two years ago this chance meeting probably wouldn’t have happened. It happened because today mobility is everywhere.

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  • That’s exactly what mobility leverages. You never know when you’re going to get hit by work, even in the middle of the ocean.

    Sometimes random events seem too much of a conspiracy for them to be random.

    Despite being chased by your worklife, I do hope you spent a relaxing time 🙂