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Are you aware of #SAPChat?

It is good to have an active id in twitter (social networking site as facebook etc.) If you decide not to use twitter, the blog may not be very useful for you.

It just happened that I logged into twitter on 26th Jan and found that #SAPChat on HANA was about to begin in 30 minutes.  Well, anyone who knows HANA now (apparently or superficially or assumes he/she knows it) or want to get involved in it via HANA Online Innojam contest could not have missed it. Timing for me (India) was ok and far better than any of the Mentor webinars which are just not suitable for Indian timing zone. Good that, webinars are recorded and we can enjoy that.

#SAPChat is an opportunity to ask questions and get answers on spot and instantly on the topic of Chat. It’s R/2 configuration. Client can be anyone who poses a question using #SAPChat in twitter. Server is a small group of people who must have been selected/volunteered based on the area of work matching the topic. No Metadata involved in between. So anyone can start AK-47 rifle filled with bullets of questions and be sure that bullets will be returned with an answer. The only pre-requisite being, you are on twitter.

Questions as I felt, may not necessarily be related to functionality as there were many questions asked which were beyond functionality,answers can further cause more questions. Most of the answers are convincing and if not, may be because the personal opinion differs from the one who gave the answer. Be sure that there are amazing people out there who manages/organizes the chat very efficiently. I came to know about @SocialKev in the last chat and found him very interesting.

It’s a great fun to unload all your questions in the stipulated duration of an hour. I am not sure as what are the other ways in which #SAPChat gets informed to people but am sure that it gets tweeted. Also, how the topic gets decided or if people can request for a particular topic remains a question. (May be I don’t know). If one is not having any immediate question, you can still be a part of question/answer session and enjoy the Chat.

I utilized the session by asking most of the doubts I had on HANA Innojam and am happy! 

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  • I’m not up to commenting yet.  But with my new phone, I can read the twitter comments going by.  Another hashtag to look at.

    No I didn’t know about this one.  Or if I did, I forgot about it.


    • Michelle,

      Our next chat is on Feb. 29, 2012 at 12 Noon EST. It will be featuring Timo Elliott and we’ll be discussing the broad topic of Analytics. Also, we’re going to get a .ICS file out so that you can add it to your Outlook calendar. Just follow @SAP on Twitter and I’m sure you’ll see it!


  • Hi Kumud,

    I’m so glad you decided to participate! I love the R/2 analogy too.

    As far as how we decide on which topic to select; it’s fairly simple. We pick the hottest topics at SAP and find the most qualified experts/analysts to speak on them.

    So far we’ve discussed Enterprise Mobility, Cloud, SAP HANA & we even had Oliver Bussmann join us for an exclusive “Ask the CIO” #SAPChat.

    Another important factor in making #SAPChat a success is having an external specialist, to complement our internal specialist(s). It’s my belief that third party participants will answer questions objectively.

    We’re not here to toot our own horns and talk about how awesome SAP is, rather, we’d like to hold a fair discussion on industry trends, and as an industry leader, who better to lead the conversation than SAP?

    I also really appreciate the mention in this blog post. Each #SAPChat we hold seems to add new advocates to the program and we’re really excited to see how it grows.

    Our next #SAPChat will be hosted by Timo Elliott ( and takes place on Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 12 Noon EST. Also, be on the look-out for a follow-up, post-SuccessFactors #SAPChat on Cloud and possibly even another #SAPChat with Oliver!


    • Hello Kevin,

      Thank You so much for such a detailed explanation of #SAPChat background.It answers all the doubts highlighted in the blog.


  • Hello Kumud

    I do know the hastag but I missed the latest conversation somehow.

    Thanks to your blog I placed it in a seperate column now!

    Best regards