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Profitability Analysis Tools You Can Use to Substantiate Your Needed Investment in SAP HANA™

The SAP® CO-PA Accelerator solution was announced in September 2011 at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas to highlight how innovation has been introduced to classic applications like Controlling – Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) to take advantage of the company’s in-memory computing platform known as SAP HANA™.  Since then several webinars on the benefits and use cases for the CO-PA Accelerator have been presented to ERP customers and consultants.  For more information you can watch and listen to the recordings and review the information available from the following links.

High Performance Profitability Analysis with SAP HANA CO-PA Accelerator

SAP CO-PA Accelerator Test Drive

SAP ERP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Profitability Analysis with SAP HANA

Two Use Cases for Accelerated Profitability Analysis and Reporting on SAP HANA

Excited by the opportunity promised by this recent innovation, I think many of you already want to install the CO-PA Accelerator software but you need to build the business case for your investment in SAP HANA.  The focus here is to share some tools that you already have available in your ERP systems that can help you understand your current CO-PA system performance and to obtain facts needed for your HANA investment analysis.

In a multi-part weblog series I cover the following CO-PA utilities which you may not know about or use regularly:

1)      Might HANA Help?  Use Transaction KEDZ to View the CO-PA Read Interface Log – Read Interface for CO-PA Log

2)      Might HANA Help?  Use Transaction KE28L to View the CO-PA Top-Down Distribution Log – Top-Down Distribution Log

3)      Might HANA Help?  Use Transaction KEUD to View CO-PA Assessment Cycle Overview – Cycle Overview

4)      Might HANA Help?  Use Transaction KEU5 CO-PA Assessment Cycle Analysis Tools – Assessment Cycle Analysis Tools

You should get to know these tools in your project planning stage for SAP HANA.

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