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Might HANA Help? Use Transaction KE28L to View the CO-PA Top-Down Distribution Log

Is your Controlling – Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) system performance not meeting your business user’s expectations?  Have you heard about the SAP CO-PA Accelerator for SAP HANA?  Are you accountable to build the business case for adopting SAP HANA to take advantage of this exciting new in-memory technology?   If you have answered yes to these questions, then read this second weblog of the CO-PA tools series and learn how the CO-PA Top-Down Distribution Log report can be used to gather important statistical data about your CO-PA system.

Log: Top-Down Distribution

Program RKETD_KE29 is assigned to transaction KE28L and it provides a detailed log of the Top-Down Distribution transaction which has been executed from Profitability Analysis.  Since Top-Down Distribution is an area that can be greatly accelerated by use of SAP HANA, let us look at the information that the log provides for this function.  Note that the KE28L transaction is only available with release ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5 Support Package 7 and later.  It is also standard in ERP 6.0 EHP6.

Start transaction KE28L and in the left side panel will be a list of Top-Down Distribution Runs.   The list can be sorted by Period, Execution Time, and by Variant.


From the right side panel you can view the Sender of the distribution.


If you click on the Receiver icon you can see those results too.


From the Technical Data tab you can get an overview of the Top-Down Distribution execution parameters including user id and timestamp of the run.


The screen captures presented above are taken from a demo system and do not indicate a CO-PA performance issue.  But many productive CO-PA systems do experience slow processing times with Top-Down Distribution.   If this is your situation and you want to estimate the potential time savings to your period end closing if you license SAP HANA, then you can use the KE28L transaction to ascertain the exact amount of time the Top-Down Distribution function is taking to read reference data.  This read access time can be dramatically reduced using the CO-PA Accelerator and SAP HANA.

It is interesting to note that if the CO-PA Accelerator is active in your ERP system then this report indicates the Data Source is HANA.  Here is a customer example where 54,780 subtotal records for the allocation were derived from several millions of line items of reference data in only 28 seconds.


Using the Top-Down Distribution log to understand your CO-PA system performance I hope you find the runtime analysis data useful to help substantiate an investment in the CO-PA Accelerator and SAP HANA.

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