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Michal’s PI tips: Java properties compare across all the systems – PI 7.3

Have you ever experienced a typical situation when something is working perfectly on one system – (DEV) and it’s not working on another one (TEST or PRD)? You think to yourself – the configuration and system landscape is exactly the same – so how can this not work ? Then after a few days of checking different properties you find out that one java property was configured in a different way on one of those systems but someone forgot to mention about that in the system configuration document. Is there a chance to do it a better/quicker way? It is as of PI 7.3 where SAP delivered a new Compare System tool.

What does the new System Compare tool do?

a) you can create a file with all java services’ properties from your SAP PI system

b) you can compare two SAP PI system and all of their java properties using the file or remote connection

c) you can display differencies or similarities between each systems on all java properties

Before we go into the compare system option let me just tell how great is the file generation utility. With it’s use you if any of your customers has any problems with the performance or anything else for that matter, you can ask him to provide you with the file with his complete java properties which you can always compare with your “ideal” PI landscape to check what are the differencies and similarities even without accessing the other system. I hope for some of you it will sound as good as it was for me.

How does it work?

As mentioned before there are a few ways how you can compare your system but for the purpose of this article I will only show the file compare. The first thing you need to do it to open “Compare systems” tool:

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– – – – – – Compare Systems

From there you need to generate the file first and you can do that on the “Manage data” tab by using the “location” button and once you generate it you can download the XML file.

Now on your next system – with which you’d like to compare the one from which you’ve generated the file you can open the Compare systems tool again and select “local” – meaning the currenty system and “file” (where you can select the previously downloaded file.)

Now you can select the options you’d like to check (differencies/similarities, etc.) and press Go.

The result will depend on the options and in my case it shows differencies – it seems that one of the J2EE services – messaging system – has some different values then the “ideal” ones.

Once you select the java property you can see all values which are the same or different in the lower part of the screen.

For more options on this pretty useful and simple tool please have a look at

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