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Manage System Configuration on Work Center Solution Manager 7.1

Manage system configuration on work center Solution Manager 7.1

Hi, this guide will help you to configure the System in work center.

Plugin Status (only ABAP): Install the recent version of the following software components on the managed system ST-PI, ST-API.

First we assign the system in SLD, SLD sync the data of the system with LMDB and SMSY

To assign the system in SLD use RZ70 only for ABAP.

After we assign the system in SLD we need to see the system in LMDB in the work center.

Under – Solution Manager configuration – manage system configuration



Then we start to configure the system:

Mark the system and go to maintain system


A browser will open with all the configuration of the system

  • In Solution Manager 7.1 and lower we make the configuration in SMSY

Resync from SLD

We can sync our system with SLD again.


After we sync the system the technical details are update.



Here we Assigned Product Instances to the system, choose add and choose your product instance from the list.

System database:

We can see the Database System Information and the database details and to change them.

(Not recommended)

Technical Instances:

Here we can see the ABAP Application Server and ABAP Message Server add more application or remove them.

ABAP Clients:

Use the change if you want to delete client from your landscape in solution manager.


You can see the host name the IP the domain, software component and where there used

Destinations (RFC connection):

Here you maintain your RFC connection first you need to create the RFC.

You have 3 connections:

1.       Trust RFC (Optional)

2.       Read RFC (Mandatory)

3.       TMW RFC (Recommended: TMW Destination and User for Change Manager enables change requests)

4.       RFC Destination for Solution Manager (Optional)

You can check the RFC create or Managed System Administrator makes a test login.

Remember the RFC is very important in the solution manager landscape.

Thanks and best regards

Naor Shalom.

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