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Better Blueprinting 1.0


With the generally availability of SAP Solution Manager 7.1, take advantage of the renewed blueprinting capabilities with Business Process Blueprinting (BPB) 1.0, a light-weight Rich Client Platform (RCP) that connects to Solution Manager 7.1 via the Solution Composer ABAP add-on that is co-installed with Solution Manager. The below diagram explains on a high level the building blocks that make up BPB 1.0



Main Value Proposition or Why use BPB anyway?

BPB aims to not only reduce the total cost of your SAP project implementations but also provides a higher quality blueprint that accelerates time to market.This is made possible with,

  1. End-end visibility of your business process irrespective of the underlying technology or implementation
  2. Supporting complete life-cycle management from modeling, documentation, configuration, implementation to monitoring.
  3. Evolution of your organization landscapes along the business process dimension

What are the key capabilities I can expect?

In the 1.0 version, we chose to focus on the below key value adding capabilities for a highly graphical blueprinting experience. 



How can I get started?

Hit the ground running with 5 in-depth How-To guides that covers the essential capabilities available in the 1.0 release:

Also, use the trobleshooting guide to unblock common exception scenarios.

Summary/Key takeaways:



Make the case for Better Blueprinting  in your organization now with these 5 key takeaways for BPB 1.0 & Stay tuned for BPB SP02..

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  • Great read Karthik.

    If we can get the support for template projects that would be the topping on the cake! I look forward to it.

    Could you possibly elaborate on how well this integrates with NW BPM suite?

    • Thanks Vivek.
      I agree, it is definitely in our roadmap.

      Regarding NW BPM, we are commited to enhance the integration even further.
      As of today, you can access the blueprints directly within NWDS and create/establish a link between the blueprint and your implementation. You can also document the BPM process inside NWDS and publish it to BPB(via the SOCO add-on) and the plan is to allow users to access the same published documentation within BPB.