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Solution Manager – Document Management

SAP Solution Manager is a wonderful supportive platform which helps us throughout the entire life-cycle of our solutions or project implementation for any customer or client, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration to production processing.

Solution Manager Document Management is used for acting central repository & managing documents which are created during Q&A session or Business Blueprint etc in the various project phases of any SAP Implementation/Upgrade Project.

There is a very interesting problem we have faced in a project where a SAP ECC Implementation was carried out with SAP Solution Manager and entire BPR or the hierarchy was created as part of documentation process. All the Project Documents were stored in Solar01/02 transaction belonging to each Business Process/Step.

Issue was a certain set of users can access the same document and some others don’t.

I almost invested a week to look here and there with respect to issue and authorization in solution manager for both set of users with the basis support team. What we found out is an interesting phenomenon and I am sharing this in the form below blog

Consider the below picture where a user clicks and tries to open a document in the standard transaction solar02



To Open any document user has to double click the document name.But here when we clicked to open a document the below error is shown in the Status bar.


 If we double click the status message we can see the long text and in detail what happened or root cause of the problem but in our case this didn’t helped much.

As we can see nothing other than message “The Document cannot be displayed” is shown and message no SOLAR_DOC021 is mentioned.

I have verified the authorization roles etc are same as compared to other set of users who can open the document and later I realized this problem is related to SAP GUI.

This problem got resolved by updating the SAP GUI client version, to check the same we can do the following


click the about SAP logon to get more detailed information.

So it was Patch level Zero for SAP GUI which created the problem because all the users were using SAP GUI 710 only the difference was in Patch level due to different locations, finally we updated or installed the latest patch level and this resolved the issue.

 Remember this is independent of SAP Solution Manager version so whether it is Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 or Solution Manager 7.1 still user can face the same issue if they use SAP GUI 710 with Patch level 0.Therefore install the latest version with latest Patch level for the GUI.

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  • Hi Prakhar,

    also you should note that SAP GUI 7.10 isn’t supported any more. According to the SAP Service Marketplace:

    – Support for SAP GUI for Windows 6.20 ended on 31st of December 2010
    – Support for SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 ended on 12th of April 2011

    So you should upgrade to SAP GUI 7.20.

    Best regards

    • Thank You for your precious time.

      Actually this problem occured because IT team have not updated and downloaded the latest version of SAP GUI.

      But I have already informed and guided them to use the latest version and its in process.So I am hoping all the users very soon will be on latest version.

    • Hi Gregor,

      Thanks for your reading this blog and your comments.

      I am aware of that but since we have different IT team for this customer spread across various locations they had different version of SAP GUI software and that leaded to this problem.
      I had already advised and guide them to update to latest version.


      • Thanks Prakhar for info…

        Would you be able to give some pointers where i can find more detailed information on Solution Document Management capabilities of solution Manager.