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Précis about the HybridProvider

This blog describes some considerable points about HybridProvider and also describes the creation process.

  • You can build HybridProvider Based on DataStore Object /VirtualProvider.
  • HybridProvider doesn’t have separate table to store data unlike DSO/info cube
  • Hybrid providers can be created based on DSO (operational reporting)
  • Hybrid Provider can be created based on Virtual provider (Direct data access from Source system Based target)
  • The cube data can be stored in BWA /Bw Database
  • DSO (used to create Hybrid Provider) would not support non-cumulative key figures 
  • Infocube (as part of HybridProvider)would support only key figure aggregation as summation
  • Transformation and DTP would create automatically between DSO and Cube
  • Process chain would be created automatically between DSO and Cube contains DTP
  • A HybridProvider consist of DSO/virtual Provider and InfoCube .

Steps to create HybridProvider Based on DataStoreObject

Goto Tcode : RSA1

STEP1: HybridProvider can be created by using context menu option on right clicking relevant Infoarea


STEP2:Provide the technical name,descrption and select type of HybridProvider (either Based on DSO or Virtual Provider).

Here I have selected HybridProvider type as existing DSO (also we can chose New DSO/VirtualProvider ) then click on creation icon.


It would take you to HybridProvider maintenance screen their you can see DSO and Cube icons,by clicking on the respective icon we can able to see the Meta data objects for DSO and Cube(cube view is default)


Click on DSO icon to maintain/view DSO metadata objects


STEP3:Activation of HybridProvider

Check consistency of the HybridProvider then  activate .


Now you can see the  Infocube,generated transformation and DTP between Cube and DSO under the HybridProvider flow.


A Process chain would generated with every HybridProvider and it is visible under Generated By HybridProvider node in Process maintenance screen.


We can create reports based on HybridProvider  and even you can use it  as a source object to Multiprovider .



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