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Michal’s PI tips: Goodbye Exchange Profile – in java stack only PI

When you open a java stack only PI (possibility available as of PI 7.3) you may notice some changes at a very first sight like for example lack of RWB. There are also some other things which can be found in some other places. If you open the good old Exchange Profile for example you will see that all of the parameters are gone as per screen below:

This is probably because a connection to the Exchange Profile requires a gateway and java stack only systems don’t have it (only the ABAP stack of PI has a gateway). The figure below shows a connection setting for the Exchange Profile and system number which will be used for the gateway connection.


Where are my Exchange Profile properties then ??

Don’t worry there are still there but they were moved to the NWA (Netweaver Admin).
You can get there from the Administrator application by using the “Property configuration” link.

Next on the services tab you need to select “XPI Service: all config service” as per figure below and you can change all properties in the properties section.

Once you change all the properties you can use the Aii Properties link in the Administrator application and after you press the refresh button you should be able to see all new properties inside as per figure below.



I’d like to thank William Li for his help with this topic.

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    • Hi Petr,

      thank you 🙂
      glad you’re asking…

      my blogs are copied and pasted on so many pages without my permission (and obviously without mentioning my name) that it’s the only way to make sure that the reader will know who wrote it…
      SDN does not provide any mechanisms to stop the article thievs so this is the only way I can fight with them…

      unless you know a better option ?

      please have a look at :
      [Plagiarism] Why thieves from portals like are safe ? Bloggers please help…

      for more info and there is a lot more of pages like that and I cannot fight with them by myself 🙁

      Michal Krawczyk

      • Hi Michal,

        there is no greater flattery than plagiarism.

        My 2 cents,

        no matter what is copied where etc,

        this is about SAP

        not me or you

        I find it sad that somebody puts their name on
        screenshots in a blog on SDN

        but if it makes you feel good then so be it

        all the best and great blogs,


        • Hi Petr,

          another view on the same topic 🙂
          I also with that SDN would protect the content a bit more (there are tools out there) but till then I need to do it for them 🙂

          for me it’s not about SAP it’s about people who contribute/do things – I come from country where a few years back people would do things for the “country/for everyone” and we know how it worked…


          we’re not for SAP – SAP is there for us – never the other way around as far as software (and not people) is concerned:)

          Michal Krawczyk

          • Hi Michal,

            thank you for being so candid,

            I can clearly see that for you it is about you and not about sap

            for me it is about sap and not about me

            I sympathise that this is action is a product of your country’s history

            but still, in the bigger sap world, and as a fellow contractor, I think there shóuld come a time when one is at peace with the world and one’s skills and one can share without reservation

            your blog is the first time I have seen anyone do this, and I think it is a sad move in the wrong direction

            still, your call

            you know all it means is people have to take an extra five minutes to edit the image and remove your name, because as you know, coming from your country, there are ways and means to get around every barrier that anybody puts in a man’s way

            all the best with your contracting and looking forward to the time when you can blog without putting your name on the images :-)))


  • Hey Michael,
    If you want to protect your images by putting your name on them GO FOR IT. It really is annoying when people scrape the content and then put google ads all around them.

    Don’t worry about the other opinions – thanks for sharing your expertise and being wise enough to protect it.


  • Very good blog, thanks Michal!

    By the way: We had some issues with setting a specific property of the XPI Service: All Config Service. Solution was to set the whole parameter again including the value as part of a custom property. Please check my forum entry for a detailed description:

    Best Regards