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In the future Businesses will make decisions with BPM & HANA – Part 3

In In the future Businesses will make decisions with BPM & HANA – Part 2 of this blog series I showed how using Hadoop we can extract some meaning out of huge amount unstructured data that enterprises are having right now. How that data again can be fed back into HANA for realtime visualization and analytics.

In this blog we will explore how leveraging HANA we can inject customer context into each of our processes in real time, and decisions would be taken on the fly to provide next best action in the process. It would be interesting if the logs generated by the BPM system and online system are crunched using Hadoop and fed back into HANA in continuous automated way providing continuous improvements in our decision making in real time.

Real Time Decisions In Business .

It would be possible to build very advanced algorithms on top of HANA that would compute all the impacts a decision would make on enterprise in real time at that instant and plan and execute a BPM process to make that impact into reality. It would also loop that data back into itself to see the moves it made went in the right direction or something else was also needed to be factored in.

Can a real time view of customer sentiment affect the way we handle customer calls, can we identify and re-prioritized SLA of customers who bring us more business than others. Can we put together a team on the fly of highly experienced and efficient people to handle a customer case. Can systems learn from patterns and start making some rudimentary decisions by themselves without approval and some with approval. All these questions are essential if we need to wow our customer every single time they come to do business with us, proactively handle their issues before they report to us, reward teams who demonstrate customer alignment and care.

Customer Context In Your Process :

It is very important that whenever systems are making decisions, they have the relevant customer context within them. They should be fully aware of customer sentiments, region, preferences and past expereinces. They should also be aware of whether the customer is a valued customer and make decisions based on them.

Here is an example of Purchase Order processing for a high value / potentially high value customer.

Here another example of Bank auto approving loans based on customer history.


Starting To See The Picture Emerge.

Enterprises will start making decision in split seconds, but these decision will made over years of data, end to end impact analysis. We are entering into a different phase now where we are all realizing how data fundamentally drives all business decisions and business decisions makes or breaks company. Companies that are highly successful like Apple are so because of years of focussed decision making and continuous learning, from large decision about their supply chain and inventory to small decision about color shade of their icons in their apps.


We now have tools like HANA which can dramatically change the way we do business in real time. Hadoop can augment HANA for processing large unstructured data and feed it back continuously into HANA so that complex algorithms regarding decisions can be made in split seconds than waiting for hours or even days.

BPM binds it all and makes these insights actionable, which brings the business value of data in tangible business process which standardized and improved upon will make an enterprise lean, agile and decisive.

Hope you enjoyed this blog series.

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