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Michal’s PI tips: 3 ways to check an FTP connection from PI

This topic is a constantly returning issue on the PI forum on SDN so I hope this short article will be a nice reference for FTP connection error questions there in the future. The situation is that we get an FTP connection error in the communication channel and it seems that it should work as the user tested it from his own laptop. Why doesn’t it work ? The answer is very simple – the laptop is usually not in the same network as the PI server. How can we check if the connection from XI/PI server works ? There are a few ways and I will just show 3 easiest ones: *First method* – +telnet from the server’s command line + The first method is the easiest one – as you only have to run a telnet command from the command prompt of the PI server host (you don’t need to use any FTP client). Just run the telnet command to the FTP server and remember to specify the correct port as per figure below. If the port is opened you should be able to see a connection message which means that XI/PI server host can connect to the FTP. * *

*Second method* – +telnet from the ABAP stack of PI+ It may happen and in many cases that’s the way how security is done, that you will not have access to the PI server’s command line. Can you execute the telnet command in any other way ? Of course you can, from transaction SM69 (running external commands) from the ABAP stack of your PI (I’m assuming you don’t have single stack PI yet). Within this transaction you can execute a telnet command by specifying it in the correct fields – as per the fiture below. 

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  • Very informative blog because usually our PI box reside on the different server and we don’t have permission to access and test the ftp/jdbc connecivity but with the help of your blog now we can test the connecivity.


  • Hi Michal,

    I face very strange issue while connecting to Windows FTP server from PI 7.11:

    Sender FTP Adapter is used to pick the files from FTP location.

    Whenever a file is placed in FTP server, FTP adapter picks and processes it successfully. But rest of the time when there is no file,It throws ‘ 530 Unexpected reply codeLogin incorrect’.

    Actions taken :

    1) restarted File Service in NWA –> No help

    2) FTP Vendor reset the password for this user –>No help

    3) FTP User is provided with full access 777 –> No help

    Came across many blogs and threads but couldnot fix this issue.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Padmini U

  • Hi Michal,

    I have created the same, but I have tried to set OS as WindowsNT, DOS, ANYOS…

    but still i received this error “Process died with exitcode -1″

    Please assist me on this issue

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Michal,

    Thank you so much for these useful tips!

    From PI system perspective, there is also quite a handy application called XI JDBC/FTP connection test and XML validation tool – it provides a web-based user interface (accessible via http://<PI host>:<J2EE port>/ftpjdbc) and can be used for testing if PI system (as an FTP client) can establish connection to the FTP server. Unfortunatily, it isn’t a part of PI standard delivery and requires its manual deployment on PI’s Java stack (SAP Note 1085539).

    My best regards to you,