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Web Intelligence Reports- What cannot be translated

We know the Translation Manager tool in Business Objects XI 3.1. We use this tool to translate the Web Intelligence report and the Universe.

Translation Manager is a tool which comes as a part of Business Objects 3.1 suite. This tool provides the facility to import information from universe, provide their respective translations, and then export the translated information back into the universe. The user can translate class names, objects names, descriptions, prompts and filters. The user can also give the custom format for numeric, currency or Date fields. The user cannot translate table names and joins. The tool cannot translate the data itself.

We can also import the Web Intelligence report and provide translations in them as well. By importing the report, we can translate Data Provider Name, Prompt text, that is the question of the prompt, Report Tab names, User defined variables and Alerters.

With the help of this tool, we can have a single copy of report and switch them to multiple languages.

This blog entry is about what stuff that cannot be translated with the help of Translation Manager Tool.

1) Chart labels in reports cannot be translated as it will result as a image file in the Web Intelligence Report. The Workaround will be to suppress the Label of the chart and use a text box in the report which can be translated at Report level. Another option is to enter the custom label for the chart having multiple languages.

For Eg: 1) English_Chart_Name/German_Chart_Name
2) Total Sales/Gesamtumsatz

2) The label of the Input Control cannot be changed to different language as it’s a static value. The workaround would be to have the label displayed in both the languages similar to Chart Naming described above.

3) In InfoView/SAP Portal, Report Name and Report Description cannot be translated. The impact is on InfoView users only and currently we have no reasonable workaround.

4) For Xcelsius Dashboard, Currency or Number format translation for X/Y axis labels is not possible due to tool limitations. This issue is common across various Xcelsius components as the default functionality of the component doesn’t provide option for language translation.

There is NO work around available for this. So we have to go ahead and have one dashboard for each language.

Note: All above findings are made on Business Objects 3.1 Version.

We can expect these limitations to be solved in the upcoming versions.



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