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Monsieur Future speaks

Monsieur Future

As Monsieur Future gazes in his crystal ball and flicks through his tarrot cards, he mutters arcane words of power and calls up the winds of time. The past, present and future collide as ghostly images start appearing in the eerie frosted ball. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I would like to inquire him about the future of SAP.

Knowing that SAP bases it’s entire strategy on four pylons, I ask him to call upon the ghosts of time and give me insight on following topics.

  • System of records
  • In-memory computing
  • Mobile
  • Cloud

He chuckles and turns his eyes as if to mock me for my earthly concerns. I urge him with some shiny coins and as he starts to chant, a shiver runs down my spine.

System of records

Social media is gaining ground in enterprises. We have seen many proof of concepts and we withnessed the acquisition of a major social media player by SAP.

Monsieur Future’s prediction for 2012: A new package will be introduced in CRM, SRM, BI and ERP for social media integration. It will contain API’s for campaign push, customer service, HR, Supplier relations and analytics.

In-memory computing

SAP already announced that they are going to extend the support period of their system of records ’till 2020 and they also mentioned that their in-memory database HANA will eventually replace their relational database. This means that they are probably preparing to completely rewrite their systems of records to be HANA-compatible

Monsieur Future’s prediction for 2012: We will see the release of a purchase requisition package based on HANA, providing an alternative to the current transactions. It’s a teaser of things to come and meant as a pilot to tackle problems of synchronization, migration and integration.


There are different approaches to mobility, so we will see multiple evolutions in this area. Let’s not forget however that web-technologies are also available on mobile and that SAP has some web technologies available. At the same time we also see that SAP is trying to get the hang of the consumerization, whilst Google is trying to get a foot in the enterprise market. Both players can add a lot of value to eachother are known to embark in partnerships.

Monsieur Future’s predictions for 2012:

WebDynpro for ABAP and BSP will get a new HTML5 based theme which uses jQuery Mobile for a native look and feel. Who knows, maybe even Kiss of Death for Web Dynpro Java – The Follow-Up Questions and receive a similar theme.

A partnership will be created between Google and SAP for enterprise mobility apps and integration with Google’s cloud services.


The future is misty when it comes to cloud. Technologically speaking, everything is already available. It’s more a matter of legal and privacy issues. Monsieur Future has trouble looking through the mists of time, it’s all so cloudy.

Monsieur Future’s prediction for 2012: SAP, Microsoft and Google will team up to form a lobby in order to get the legal constraints arranged. Will probably involve investing in some presidential candidate’s campaign.


After the last question had been answered, a violent wind started trashing the door and windows of the strange man’s shop. I rush to close the window and catch some papers flying through the room. As the dust settles, Monsieur Future has vanished along with his magical objects. A strange tension takes hold of me and as the room appears to get darker, I flee.

A couple of blocks further, I slow my pace and catch my breath. I decide to grab a coffee and calm my nerves as I process the events. I decide to share my experiences with the SAP crowd, as I fear repercussions from the ghosts of beyond if I abuse this knowledge.

Now let’s wait and see which of these predictions will stand the test of time. Monsieur Future is confident that he’s right. If not, it’s probably the crystal ball that was dirty, the cards that got shuffled by the wind, or the audience who misinterpreted the mystic words…


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