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It’s Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th?  If you are, let’s calm your fears with 13 North America SAP Education points-of-interest to ponder…


1.  Stop by for a visit at our Training and Certification Shop (US and Canada).


2.  Have you provided your feedback to our SAP Training and Certification Shop survey?   If not, here’s the link for English and for French – we appreciate your feedback!


3.  You can access our US and Canada course schedules online at anytime through the following direct links:


4.  Whether you are experienced with SAP or just starting your training journey, learn about the value of our Accelerated Learning and Certification Packages.


5.  Do you want to get directly to the courses of a particular solution set?  Try the Courses and Curricula page.


6.  Here’s the best place to start for information about the SAP Education Certification Program.


7.  Many of the current certification exams have sample questions available on the public website.


8.  If you need further clarification about the Certification Program, you can access the Certification Policies and Procedures and FAQ.


9.  Based on feedback from former students, the virtual classroom environment is well-worth the investment.   Learn more about virtual training options here.


10. Online learning (also known as E-Learning) offers an excellent on-demand alternative to classroom training.   You can get information and search for titles here.


11. Another type of online learning specifically designed for certification preparation is eAcademy.


12. Are you familiar with SAP Productivity Pak by ANCILE and SAP Productivity Composer by ANCILE?  Or SAP Enterprise Learning?  Or SAP Acrobat Connect by Adobe?   Or SAP Knowledge Acceleration?   Or SAP User Experience Management by Knoa?  Or  SAP ERP Simulations by Baton Simulations?   All are examples of SAP Education Software.


13. And last but not least, how can you speak directly to NA Education?   You can call 1-888-777-1727, email, or connect via one of our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn).    And don’t miss the SAP Education videos available in our YouTube channel.


So you can see, there’s nothing to fear about Friday the 13th — until Friday, April 13 that is.

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