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Which instalation option to choose SAP PI 7.3 dual Stack or SAP PI 7.3 single stack

“Nothing is permanent except change” is one of my favorite quotation, now this is really applicable Process Integration architecture from PI 7.3.There is a big change in PI 7.3 architecture compare to earlier versions and most of the PI consultants knew that PI 7.3 coming with two installation options now PI 7.31(ehp1) available in market with more new features compare to 7.3.


What is new in PI 7.3?


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What is new in SAP NetWeaver PI 7.3 EHP1 (single stack)?


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What is new in SAP NetWeaver  PI 7.3 EHP1



PI 7.3 EHP1 is latest version available in market and PI 3 EHP1 coming with below installation options


      a) Dual Stack (ABAP+Java like older version) .


      b) Single Java Only stack or Standalone Engines.


            1) De-central Adapter Engine (AAE-Advance Adapter Engine).

            2) PI Java Only Stack (AEX-Advance Adapter Engine Extended).

            3) Process Orchestration (PI (Java Only) +BPM +BRM).


Now the confusion here is which installation option to choose?


Recently I worked on one customer proposal where my customer wants to upgrade to PI 7.3 from 7.0.When I started preparing a proposal document confused which version to recommend (single stack or dual stack) and my client has SAP technical team so they took a decision but sometimes we have to recommended to the customer which installation option to chose by considering all factors.


 This blog document will give some answers to the confusion (my thoughts).


  • Customer wants to implement Process Integration as a middleware then best choice is opt for PI 7.31 single stack  because hardware requirement reduced by 50%* compare to dual stack  and SAP  not going invest that much anymore in new features on top of the ABAP stack, all new development / innovation goes into the Java stack.


  •  Customer had implemented SAP BPM/BPM landscape and wants to implement PI then PI 7.31 single stack is right option because PI 7.3 single stack comes with integrated stack-SAP BPM/BRM part of one system ID.


  • Customer wants to implement SAP PI and SAP BPM/BRM then PI 7.3 single stack is right option.


  • Customer already implemented PI and wants to upgrade to PI 7.3 –if existing implementation has big number of ccBPM scenarios and Customer not ready to invest on redevelopment  then PI 7.3 dual stack is option* because ccBPM scenarios will not work in single stack PI installation option and need to redevelop all ccBPM scenarios using SAP BPMN , it involves cost.


  • Customer already implemented PI and existing implementation has very few/no ccBPM scenarios then choosing single stack is right option.


PS: These points are purely my thoughts and there are other factors influence while taking a decision.

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