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2012 Store Jeopardy (with apologies to Alex Trebek)

By: Carol Mackenzie, Programs Principal at SAP

Retailer:I’ll take Point of Sale for $200, Alex.

Alex: The answer is….Mobile Wallets.

Retailer:What is a new phenomenon that will impact point of sale, and can be provided in the cloud?

Alex:You are correct!

Retailer:I’ll take Mobile Payments for $400, Alex.


Alex: And the answer is…$8.6B by 2014

Retailer:What is the worldwide estimate of smartphone based mobile payments by Mercator Advisory Group ?

Alex:Correct Again! Next category?

Retailer:Potpourri for $1000

Alex: The answer is…Gray Hair

Retailer:What is accelerating due to my not knowing how to begin considering all these new technologies for my business?

Alex:Oh, I’m sorry, that is an incorrect response.  The correct response is “If I speak to SAP, what will I have less of”?

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