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12 Jan 2012 Postal Bulletin – stamps!

With the rate case implementation just over a week away (coming on 22 Jan if you’ve really not been paying attention), it fortunately seems there are no last-minute “clarifications” to any published rules so there’s not much of interest in this Postal Bulletin, from a presorting standpoint.

There is a brief article “Coming Soon: 2nd Ounce Free for First-Class Mail Automation and Presort Letter Mailers.” This isn’t a special program, it seems to be more of a pricing change so there is one price for anything up to 2 ounces in weight. More info coming, it says – I can only guess that would be more ideas about how to fill up the 2nd ounce that you will have already paid for.

Otherwise this edition has the “normal” stuff that I generally don’t mention here anymore, things like the minor post office changes that get reflected in various directories we distribute for use with our software products. Even looking at that section, there’s only one change listed – looks like the post office in Nuttsville, VA is “discontinued,” although the place name will live on and still be valid as the last line of the address while the mail will actually get sorted out of Lancaster. So you see why I don’t normally mention those details here 🙂

Maybe the most interesting parts of this Postal Bulletin are all the announcements for new stamps – at least 16 that I see (that’s 2^4 for developers :-). I was just looking at the denominations and thinking it seems like they’re trying to encourage heavier mail – many are for 65 or 85 cents (2 or 3 oz. first class letters in the new rates).

Perhaps part of what keeps me interested in some of these mailing details is to notice the things that seem funny – I’ve read that if you find something funny, you’re more likely to remember it. The ones that made me smile in this list were the stamp that looks like it’s a picture of a Pete Dye golf course with lots of bunkering around a beautiful green fairway that is ACTUALLY an image of Glacier National Park in Montana, and the Wedding Cake stamp that clearly shows “64” in the published image but is a 65-cent stamp! Maybe it’s just the image of the current stamp rather than the new one that’s coming, but one never knows…

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