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Starting with Work Center in Solution Manager 7.1

Starting with Work Centers in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

This blog shows you how to start to use the Work Centers in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

The first important thing that you should know is that you have different Work Centers and they are based on ABAP roles which follow a naming convention
starting with the prefix SAP_SMWORK*.

You always need one or more Work Centers assigned depending on the activities that you want to perform. A basis person will not perform the same activities
as the project manager or a key user who wants to schedule background jobs. For all of them you have to assign different Work Centers based on the activities.

However for several reasons it is recommendable to limit the number of Work Centers assigned to individual users, i.e. just assign the roles needed.


The next step is to request one user who can access to the SAP Solution Manager System but you need to figure out which authorization(s) and work center(s) do you need. For this step you can refer to the SAP Note 1652746 – Solman_Workcenter: You are not assigned to a Work Center and the following wiki page:

To make it easier here are some explanations for most of them:

Work Center
Technical Administration This work center provide tools to
support the IT teams, for example the IT Calendar, Work Mode Management,
Notification Management, Task Inbox and Central Tool Access for ABAP, Java
and MDM Systems
Technical Monitoring You can monitor performance and the
health of your systems by the customizing of templates pre-delivered by SAP.
This section contains the setup for System Monitoring, End-user Experience,
PI Monitoring, BI Monitoring, Connection Monitoring and Solman
Solution Manager Administration This is the central access to all the
systems in your landscape, you can create or edit technical systems, create
RFC connections, manage extractors and diagnostics agents and create or edit
solutions and projects
SAP Engagement and Service Delivery You can use this Work Center when you
need to get your service plan from SAP, perform a self-service or update your
solution master data at SAP. Also you can track the issues that were
identified during the service delivery. SAP Technical Quality Managers or
COEs will request you access to this work center.
Solution Documentation Assistant This work center allows you to evaluate
business processes and helps you to prepare upgrade projects, evaluates new
functionality and analyzes customer developments.
Incident Management Provides a central message management
and processing and also you can connect and external Help Desk to your
Solution Manager.
Root Cause Analysis This Work Center is the central access
to functions and methods for monitoring your solutions. You can perform and
End-to-End Analysis, System Analysis, Host Analysis and Database Analysis.
SAP Solution Manager Configuration It’s the central point for the setup
of all the functions that you need to run in Solution Manager.
Change Management Enables you to manage and control
changes within a system landscape, the process supported include urgent
changes, direct changes in the productive environment and activities for
maintenance, implementation, upgrade or template projects.
Business Process Operations You can setup and monitor your
critical business processes and interfaces with this Work Center
Data Volume Management, With this Work Center you can
determine the potential savings as a result of an archiving, deletion or
summarization data as result of an analysis based on your table usage, data
distribution and age structure in your system landscape. It’s is also
possible document the information and create reports


Implementation/Upgrade, You can create templates for your
implementation projects, which contains documentation, business functions and
business requirements. Also you can perform your Upgrade Analyses before
starting it and obtain the effect of a target product version and the
connections to other SAP products.
Test Management This Work Center contain all the
functions that you need for testing purpose, you can create any number of
test plans and link to your Solution Manager project.
Job Scheduling Management You can create a job request, schedule
and generate reports for your Jobs within your Landscape


It’s very easy to navigate on the Work Centers as they have a similar look and feel. Generally in each one you have the Overview on the left side and you can click on it and go through the different sections, at this point you need to get familiar with the Work Center assigned to you, there are some cases were you need to take the E2E certification, for more information you can refer to:

Here are some SDN Weblogs related with this topic:

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  • Nice Blog!

    Perhaps you can summarize on solman_workcenter functionality on each of its tab, eg: generate MOPZ they should navigate to “Change Management”, EWA report at “Technical Administration”, and etc in your next blog. It definitely helps others to navigate to the functionality they desired.

    just my 2 cents worth.

    Nicholas Chang

  • Hi,
    Thanks for this overview of workcenters.
    Is it possible – somehow – to add your own (customer-specific) workcenter?
    Could you please elaborate on URL that you could determine based on PFCG -> Role?
    My understanding is that URL prefix could be rather found in SMICM -> Services, or SICF -> Execute, CTRL+MAJ+F12
    Best regards,
  • The RCA Workcenter still opens several external browser windows when accessing the interesting functionality there, right? Any plans from SAP to make this a more pleasant experience?

    greetings from Rio,