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SAP Business One – Help and Support

It’s January 2012 and, if you’re an SAP Business One Customer, you will have probably just paid your SAP Partner for this year’s Support and Maintenance. But what can you do if you feel your partner isn’t giving you the support you need or they are not knowledgeable about SAP Business One? In this Blog I will aim to site various reference points for SAP Business One users to find information themselves and to network among other users. Below are some actions you can take to get what you need from your SAP solution.

  • Join the SAP UK & Ireland User Group (or your country’s SAP User Group like ASUG). The User Group has an active Business One section with over 30 members who meet for Special Interest Group seminars and network amongst each other. The User Group encourages its members to network, share stories about their SAP Partners and also to discuss common issues / scenarios within SAP Business One. The web site for the user group is:
  • The SAP Help Portal has a new look and feel and is full of information on the latest releases and common problem areas. This is a great place to start if you or your team are struggling with any of the SAP Business One functionality. The web site is:
  • The SAP Community Network is a great way to interact with other SAP Business One users throughout the world. There is a separate Business One Forum where you can post technical or functional questions, these will often be answered really quickly and finding out the solution yourself will help you learn more than if your partner simply does it for you. For the more social users you can actually start to post blogs on your experiences with SAP, how you think your partner fares in relation to your expectations and any business process related topics. The SAP Community Network can be found here:
  • But what can you do if you have a great idea for SAP and want it to be considered in future releases? SAP is constantly evolving and writing in extra functionality to its products, a lot of this comes from the users. They are “at the coal face” working with the system every day so SAP really do listen to ideas. You will also get a chance to view other ideas and vote on ones you like etc if you visit the SAP Ideas Place. Log in with your S User Number here:
  • Social Media is a great way to network with other users and also SAP Professionals, a lot of Business One users are on Twitter but it would be great to build this network. When you Tweet about SAP Business One, be sure to use the Hash Tag #SAPB1. There is also a lot of online content on You Tube, I would suggest using The SAP Business One Evangelist, Richard Duffy’s Channel: You can search on any process within SAP Business One and there is usually some content to help you.


The important point to note is “You are not alone!” There are over 35,000 businesses like yours running SAP Business One and the best advice I can give is to get involved in the community, network around other users, discuss SAP and help solve each other’s issues. The more people that get involved in the community the more you will get from it. If you’re current partner really is not up to the job then there are others who can support you. Contact the Head of SME Channels for your country at SAP and explain you are not happy with your partner and they will recommend you another.


Thanks to Zal Parchem for his useful comments and links below. You can find access to the SAP B1 Wiki here: with some useful Tips / Tricks.

This site lists all the mostr recent SAP Business One documentation to make sure you are up to date with what is going on behind the scenes:


I hope you find this blog useful, for more information please email me.

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