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New in SAP CRM Interaction Center: DTMF Pad

*What is DTMF?*   DTMF = Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling. It is used for telecommunication signaling over analog telephone lines in the voice-frequency band between telephone handsets and other communications devices and the switching center (source:  (, 11/01/2012).   *DTMF in the SAP CRM Interaction Center*  Since SAP CRM Release 2007 there has been the option to configure separate toolbar buttons to submit preconfigured DTMF tones. This is aiming at scenarios where DTMF tones are used to trigger special functions on the CTI/CMS or on the switch (e.g. *5 = start recording; *6 = mute own line). Different from that the new DTMF pad is aiming at use cases where agents are prompted e.g. by an IVR dialog to enter certain DTMF tones. This can be ** multiple digits (“please enter pass-code followed by #” or “please enter the desired extension number followed by ….”)  The DTMF pad is a separate pad, not integrated into the dial pad or other pads such as the +transfer +or +conference +pad. The tones are submitted when the user clicks on +submit DTMF+.
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  • Nice feature.

    Does the existing certified telephony service providers support this feature by default or do they require additional certification to support this capability

    Thanks & Regards

    Birlabose Sivanesan

    • Hi Birlabose,
      thanks for your feedback!
      The new DTMF pad fully relies on the DTMF tone capabilities of the Integrated Communication Interface (ICI) as introduced with CRM Release 2007. So any partner solution that had already adopted the DTMF tone dialog of ICI in CRM 2007 would not require further changes.
      Kind regards,