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Enhancing MRRL Transaction

The idea of this blog is to share the solution to a requirement on which we worked recently. The requirement was to add the custom field in the selection screen as well as display them in the output.

  1. First point was to find the suitable place in the report RMMR1MRS to add the custom screen parameter. Looked through the code and found one ES_RMMR1MRS Point 03
  2. Now as we have the fields on the selection screen next step was to find the output table which in this case was SEGTAB of type MMERS_TSEGTAB. So I was wondering how to add my fields to it but on double clicking I found another enhancement point ENHANCEMENT-POINT MMERS_01 SPOTS ES_MMERS STATIC provided to add your fields.  Kudos to SAP.  To me SAP is like group of infinite treasures bundled under one name called as ‘SAP’. Each moment you learn something new.
  3. Now my fields are added to selection screen as well as to output type next point was filling the values in these fields which were not that much difficult now. I have two options I can use explicit enhancement spot ENHANCEMENT-POINT RMMR1MRS_11 SPOTS ES_RMMR1MRS or use an implicit enhancement in PERFORM RECHNUNGSPRUEFUNG_DATEN which is called just before display. I preferred to choose second to be on safer side and implemented the logic to fill segment table at end of sub routine RECHNUNGSPRUEFUNG_DATEN.
  4. Last step was to add fields in field catalog. The data was getting displayed in perform PROTOKOLLAUSGABE. Inside it a form for making field catalog FIELD_CATALOG_BUILD was called which was using ERSALV structure. I added an append structure with the fields and custom fields were getting displayed. I could have done an implicit enhancement there also but thought of using the append structure as it will handle it automatically.

Screen Shot Point 1

Selection Screen Enhancement

Screen Shot Point 2

Custom fields Data declaration

Screen Shot Point 3

Custom fields Data

Screen Shot Point 4

ALV Fields

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