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CDMC Configuration on solution manager 7.1

CDMC Configuration on solution manager 7.1

This blog explain how to configure CDMC in solution manager 7.1 and how we implement the CDMC in our system.

CDMC require 3 system we need to assign to our landscape


First we need to upgrade in all our landscape system the component ST-PI to the same level

Then we need to assign the system to solution manager with SLD – LMDB – SMSY




Assigned Product Instances in Managed Systems Configuration


And create RFC to the system


Create landscape in CDMC:

1. Statistic system – the system we collect the data.

2. Control system – solution manager

3. Analysis system – system for analysis the resolute

4. Reference system – the upgrade system that we want to compare our resolute.


CDMC configuration:

Go to Tz: CNV_CDMC.

Statistic system:

Activate Statistics Collection:




Then create new project:


Define Project Landscape


After we define the project its need to be like that:


Then configure the rest of the analysis and check the resolute  



SAP_CDMC_MASTER – for the users that can make global Settings and delete projects.

SAP_CDMC_USER – for the other user.


The RFC user for the statistic system need to be with trust RFC ROLE and must to be DIALOG USER.

Hope this guide will help you to configure CDMC

Best Regards

Naor Shalom.


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  • Hi Shalom,

    Thanks for sharing the details!

    I was trying to configure CDMC for clearing analysis and facing some issues here. Below are steps that I followed.

    1. System component ST-PI same level in all systems.

    2. RFC connections are good.

    4. Global settings – Activate the statistical collection

    5. Create project – Define project landscape

    6. Execute ‘Determine customer objects’  and ‘Determine SAP Modifications’.

    I have selected a very small package for the analysis and It’s been 2 weeks and the activity is still running and I am unable to cancel it or delete the project. I don’t see any background job running in the analysis system too.

    Can you please help me on what I am missing on. Where can I see the scheduled jobs in the project. How can I cancel the current activity job which is still running.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Appreciate the help!.

    • Hi Nanditha,

         For delete a project you can run the report CNVCDMC_CC_DELETE_PROJECT_CTS in SE38. Just put the ID of project and execute.

        After that, create a new project and tell me if you have some problem.

      Pd: Check the statistics collection are active and running (in Global settings section).

      Regards !

      Felipe Pezo

  • So again the same issue. My jobs run forever in clearing analysis project. And when I looked for the background job in analysis system i see the below error

    06/26/2014 15:34:51 Error while creating the application log

    06/26/2014 15:34:51 Job finished

    Please help me!

  • In CNV_CDMC, I have created a project and the job that I am talking about is determine customer objects in collect.

    When I check to see the job in analysis system I see the job has below error message.Capture291.jpg