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Am I certifiable?

No, really.  I have wanted to be certified in SAP Business Workflow since the first time I heard about Certification – probably back in 2000 or so.  There were always reasons why it couldn’t happen.  No travel budget, too busy with project work.  Then, whoops!  SAP stopped offering the certification exam. Bummer.  But apparently, there are some people who still value SAP Workflow skills, and thought this certification was valuable.  Such as 73% of the respondents to the 2010 ASUG SAP Business Workflow Survey.  You can see more of the survey results here  (International User Groups – SAP Business Workflow – Some facts thus far).   
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  • Hello Sue

    Good luck with the workflow certification.

    I will have to bug SAP again because I still don’t have a voucher that is usable (from Top Contributor award). Once I get that I’ll try another certification although I question the true value of the more Technical topic certifications.

    Kind regards


    • Arr bugger…

      You just made me realize that my certification voucher for 2011 expired.

      but there’s a good reason why I lost track of it.
      – couldn’t find any interesting certifications on technical topics.
      – I always questioned the value of certifications.

      The worse developers I have ever met, had “ABAP Certified” on their resume. Because of those few bad experiences, whenever someone comes in and says “Hi, I’m ABAP certified”, I’m tempted to revoke their developer key. The funny thing is that some of the best developers I have ever met were also ABAP certified, but they never mentioned it. Most of those certifications are multiple choice anyway and don’t say much about someones true knowledge on the subject.

      I’m Cisco CCNA cerified and don’t know the first thing of configuring a Cisco router. I did when I was still in college, but even then I pobably didn’t deserve the certification. But it was multiple choice, so I had no problem to select the right answer. Logical thinking is all you need.

      I agree that a certification is a nice achievement for yourself, and some companies still value certifications. So yes, there is probably still enough reason to get one (or more).

      Personally though, I value project experience and personal skills/attitude much higher (like creative thinking, being solution oriented).

      • Hi Tom,
        The debate over practical experience .vs classroom experience is always interesting, and there is no doubt my vote would fall on the real-world experience side. 
        OTOH, a personal objective to achieve?  Always a good thing!
        But please, let me keep my developer key, OK?
          • I have seen this from two sides. I previously worked for a small company that would not entertain resumes that had certifications on them (Java). On the other hand one of the most talented developers I worked with had a bunch of certifications.

            What has caused the value of certifications to become sullied?


        • Sue,

          My 2 cents…

          I have never personally actively pursued a certification in anything? Why? Because they don’t benefit me, they benefit the person making the decision to hire/contract me. At my company we simply call them “a tick in the box”, and are nothing more than that. If you really want to assess someone’s ability to perform you would need to see them in action.

          This is one reason social media helps. It allows stakeholders to assess the resources they bring on. Let’s say you asked me to help you write a book on Psychology of Sesame Street. John Doe has on his CV a certification from the Jim Henson Institute of Puppets saying that I was an expert. Naturally you would ask him to help you write the book right? Now imagine if I wrote an article about the psychology of Sesame Street on every episode on my blog for the last 10 years. You could read the articles for yourself and make the assessment for’s not someone else’s assessment.

          The same goes in regard to SAP. Many Enterprise companies need to tick boxes because it reduces the burden of responsibility.

          Boss: “Why did you use this consultant?”
          Project Manager: “He/She has a certificate from SAP!”

          I’ll end with this:
          Q: What’s the highest correlative statistic for score on the SAT?
          A: The amount of hours studying for the SAT.

          -Mike Bestvina

    • Hi Tom,
      Yes, use that voucher!
      I will look at this as I do a speaking experience – no, not like ‘I’d rather be dead’ – but it takes preparation, review, etc.  And those activities will probably uncover something new to try, or at least reinforce previous experiences.


    • Ha, thanks Nabheet!
      Have not scheduled it yet – but just the fact that SAP is offering it again means the world to me.
      How about you?  Will you sign up?
    • Hi Gautam,
      That’s a shame.  Have you thought to contact your local SAP education office to inquire? 
      You never know until you try 🙂
  • Hi Susan,

    It is just 1.5 years that i am working into SAP Workflows and have got chance to work into various modules such as MM, CRM, HR(ESS, MSS, Travel), ISU, FI, QM, SD.

    So could you please brief me out that which all areas should i make myself expert in so that i can also think for the option of workflow certification. 🙂

    Also, it would be great if you could let me know if for the certification, we need to be aware of all the portal stuff as well.

    Very Thanks for the information.

    Kind Regards,