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Creation of New Data flow trough Wizard tool in SAP BW 7.3

In our projects we might have faced the situation where we have to upload the data trough file system (flat file), for uploading data to data target we need to create data source, data target, transformation and DTP manually, for simplifying the creation of dataflow  process a new wizard tool introduced in SAP BW 7.3.

By using dataflow wizard tool we can create a entire dataflow with existing/new objects, also dataflow templates can created with SAP delivered pre-defined dataflow template, this tool reduce the considerable amount of time for creation of data model .

Steps to create flat file data upload data flow trough wizard tool

Use Tcode- RSA1

Click on Wizard tool icon


Click on continue


Specify the file path in the wizard initial screen (Flat file Path) check below


Give a technical name of the data source(For creating New datasource for uploading data from flat file),

Description of the data source,

Specify the file system name and

Type of data source (Transaction, master data attribute and text) then click on continue


Specify the attribute values for Data source like data separaters etc…


Click on continue then it will take you  to next level of wizard selection

Now we can see the datatarget area, here we have to specify type of infoprovider like DSO,InfoObject,Cube..etc..then subtype for Infoproviders ( Standared/writeoptimized for DSO,Attribute/text for InfoObject etc…)then give technical name and description of the infoprovider (can also create new data target)


After providing infoprovider details then click on continue

Next step :Field assignment

In this step we can assign(map) existing Infoobjects to specified fields, also we can create new IinfoObject by clicking New InfoObjects icon in the field assignment of wizardtool .


You need to specify field type  like Primary characteristic/Display attribute/ Compounded characteristic/Navigation Attribute  for IinfoObjects,Key fields and data fields for DSO,refer below screen


Click on continue then it will take you to final step


Before clicking finish icon you can check the information about generated/created objects like transformation and DTP then click on finish .

Restart the transaction RSA1, now you can see a new dataflow under infoprovider segment  


With new dataflow wizard tool we can create entaire data flow model with less effort, hence we can save time and it’s very simple to perform.

Also we can use wizard tool to create data flow for existing data source (like ECC /CRM) to data target .

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