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Business ByDesign: UI Adaptation with Key User Tools

In my former Blog post I already gave an Business ByDesign: How to customize the Cloud and develop your own Apps within the Cloud?. This time I want to give you a clue on how easy it is to adapt the UI of a Business ByDesign system. First I want to introduce the Key User Tools which allow you to adapt the UI without any programming skills. In a future post, following after this one, I will also show you how to do field extensions with the SDK.

Every ByDesign user can personalize his UI by himself. So called Key Users have also the capability to adapt a certain UI and then publish it. That way it is applied to the UI of every user.

First Step:

Enter the Adaptation Mode.

Adaptation Mode

Second Step:

Select the UI which you want to modify and select “Edit Screen” via the Adapt menu. After that the selected screen will be shown in Adaptation Mode.

Edit Screen in Adaptation Mode

This screen shows the previous selected screen in the “Edit Screen” mode. The bar at the top indicates that the adaptation mode is activated. The left part of the screen shows the fields of the supplier master data. The right part of the screen shows the adaptation panel which is separated in three general areas.

Third step: Do your adaptations!

– Screen Layout: Allows you to change the structure of the screen elements and to hide/show various fields.

– Extension Fields: Here you can add new fields to the selected screen. These fields can save various types of data like Text, Web addresses, Dates etc.. These fields can also contain calculated data for which you can enter certain calculation rules. The added fields can be used in reports, forms or be included into the search.

Extension Fields

In the above given screenshot is a new field called “Twitter-Account” added to the supplier details.

– Mashups and Webservices: In this part of the adaptation mode you can add Mashups or Werbservices to your UI. The following screenshot shows the already included third-party map mashup which enables you to automatically show the location of the supplier on a map.

Map Mashup

Fourth step:

Save and publish you adaptations. After publishing, the changes will be available to all users.

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  • Hi

    Very nice blog.But i got the error when i entered adaptation mode and edited the screen by adding some extra extension field its giving below error.plz help me!
    “Field creation not permitted in development mode.”