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My SAP Plans for the year

Like every year, even this year, I am going to make some plans that I would like to implement but with a difference. This year’s plans are not related to money spending, or investing the same. Nor is it going to be visiting places or giving up some bad habits or inculcating new ones. The habit that I certainly would want to inculcate would be something pertaining to SAP.


In order to further my SAP knowledge I have planned the following excerises.


1) Have a ‘concept for the day’ exercise every day. There will be at least one concept or a particular subject that would be selected randomly (either functional or technical) to increase my awareness and well documented. There will be a separate folder maintained for a particular month.

— By the month end you would be surprised to have learned atleast 30 new concepts.


2) Year-end I would consolidate the list of all the monthly ‘concept for the day’ points and make sure to read them.

— You would be surprised at the amount of new things that you would have learnt. You never know when they come handy.


3) I aim to contribute at least two SAP blogs and two wiki articles as target every month.

— This will not only improve your contribution points but also help you develop a perspective to keep thinking about new things.


4) I aim to write at least one White Paper every month. I also aim presenting a webinar every 6 months.

— This will help you develop your presentation skills and also help you to research on a particular topic further.


5) I will get myself trained in at least two Industry-Specific e-learnings every month.

— This will help your mind set facing client.


I did a test run of the above exercises last month and could see a remarkable difference in my mind set as an SAP Consultant to face any challenge. I hope it will do the same to you if you follow them.

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  • Hello Kiran,
    Looks like a well thought upon set of objectives.
    Good and achievable.
    It gives me a feeling that you are very fond of appraisal system 🙂 Did you fill the same in your objectives for the year. (food for thought).

    All the best!


    • Hello Kumud,

      Thanks for your comments.

      No, I did not include these in my Goal setting plan. These are my personal plans. However after sometime there may not be much of a difference between your personal goals and Org goals. I think that way you might reach those goals more easily and with a lot of passion.