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BYO(D): Not just for Happy Hour!

By: Carol Mackenzie, Programs Principal at SAP

My sixteen year old stepdaughter, like most teens, is submitting job applications at every retailer in our town here in suburban Denver.  She’s hopeful she can find her first store associate job to help with the Christmas rush, and beyond.  As I’ve taken her around and watched her submit job applications on paper, on kiosks, and on various retailer websites, I’ve noticed a new phenomenon: some of the applications have a checkbox to note “Have own smartphone”.

Given the fact she sleeps with her phone and before she even fully opens her eyes in the morning she’s texting, the thought of her taking a retail job and having to put down the device for her shift would be a deal-breaker for her.  It’s truly part of her identity… part security blanket, part “I don’t have to know anything any more” source of everything.  She can’t fathom being separated from the device.

“Gutenberg moment for retail “, “sea-change”, pick your preferred  paradigm-shift-flavored term: every device has new mandates associated with it.   For your store associates, your employees, and of course your shoppers. 

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is gaining traction with many retailers, especially since it is a way to even the playing field with better-informed shoppers.  It certainly is a way to ensure the Gen Y’s perform well on the job.  It may be time for you to understand how you could embrace such a policy and drive down costs to boot.  Come talk to us, in the SAP booth # 1712 at the NRF Big Show and let us show you how.

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