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Moderator Spotlight – Mauricio Bento Ghem

Our newest moderator spotlight in the series is dedicated HCM moderator Mauricio Bento Ghem! Read more to learn about him and the interesting community stories he shared.


Please share with the Community a bit about yourself: I am Maurício, a very proactive, creative, open hearted and non usual person. I’m located in Novo Hamburgo in the south of Brazil which is 20km away from SAP Labs Brazil, in Sao Leopoldo. I started to work at SAP in 2010 and next week I’m completing 2 years within SAP, providing support to our customers and contributing with our external community on SCN. This has been very rewarding.

During this time, I discovered the best hobby, skydiving! During the weekends, if you see a bright sunny day, you know where to find me, in the drop zone in Novo Hamburgo.

What topic do you moderate on SCN? I mainly support Human Capital Management (HCM) Forums/Wikis and I’ve been contributing mostly with content about E-recruiting, Time Management and ESS/MSS.

As one of those responsible for the HCM Wiki, over the past months I’ve been restructuring and organizing the existing pages to ensure that the community members find what they are looking for.

As a moderator, I help the contributors organize their knowledge into WIKIs. Did I mention how much I’ve learned by moderating pages across the entire area of HCM? Knowledge is power!

When did you join the SCN Community? I joined SCN just about when I joined SAP. I just checked and my first contribution was made on February, 4th of 2010. Now 5,827 SCN points later, some people see me as a WIKI guru. I see myself as one guy who wants to make a difference. I truly believe that we grow and improve together. This is why I believe SCN can bring a lot of value to the ones that produce and consume the knowledge.

What does your moderator role entail? Moderators never run out of work and this is a good thing. It shows how people are striving to share their knowledge and add value with the community.

In my role, I guide colleagues and contributors to write a clear and easy to read WIKI and I’m responsible for driving initiatives that empower the HCM Wiki. Currently, we are working on a new initiative to improve its quality. This has been showing some great results so far.

How often are you active? Every day! In the past, I used to moderate the forums a lot. Nowadays, people really adhere to the wiki idea and this has been keeping me quite busy. I’m very confident that our contributors in 2012 will keep us even busier, but again this is very goodJ! We are adding value!

What motivates you? It may sound like a cliché, but it’s really to please customers and make sure they can help themselves. In my line of business, we deal daily with customer issues. In an ideal world, we would have unlimited resources to be able to solve everything in no time. This is the reason I believe we must have a great knowledge in the wiki, so customers can solve the problem very easily by themselves.

What do you enjoy the most about moderating? I have already moderated pages written by colleagues from Brazil, US, India, Europe, Australia… What I mostly enjoy is the worldwide environment that I’m involved every day. It really amuses me the cultural differences and the challenge to align everybody to be on the same page.

How do you get to know newbies? By the way they write their wikis or comments on the forum. If for some reason they are not following the guidelines, or if I see space for improvement, I gently get in touch to give feedback. I like things done correctly and depending on the situation, I try to be very gentle, to explain the person that I’m not criticizing, but rather giving the possibility for improvement. People like this feedback J.

Are you in touch with other moderators?  As I’m responsible for the wiki, I must get in touch with all the moderators in my area. I am also in touch with moderators in different areas to be updated with things that worked out well or not so well. Whenever possible, I try to talk face to face to the person, if not I try with different means. Almost as good as face to face contact is Telepresence.

Has SCN helped you? SCN has helped me in two ways.

In my daily job, it helped me to organize knowledge and to make it available, not for only one customer, but for the entire community.

As moderator, I was able to work closely to people from 5 continents. Even better, I was able to drive their work to perfection, or at least close to it J. Did I mention I really like to know different people and cultures?

Could you share a specific story? Of course. This story happened when I first contributed in a new area on the Forums. I had recently started to work in this new area in HCM.  I was already an active contributor on the Forums and I decided to try to respond some threads in this area, even though I was not an expert at that time.

Three days after my first contribution on this area, I receive an email from a moderator. He shared that what I have written could have more details to be more customer focused. I didn’t have the knowledge, so I followed up, learned and responded that with a greater level of details.

What were the lessons learned? First, our mind is our best work tool. We can always learn new things and improve ourselves. Second, when you think you are alone on SCN, you are not. There is always a moderator watching your back willing to help you. Find out who are your moderators and proactively get in touch with them if you need support.


Happy new year from both Mauricio and I!


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