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Troubleshooting Provisioning in IdM 7.2


This page provides
an overview of the steps to take when provisioning in IdM doesn’t behave as it
should. These steps should be checked before escalating for help, but once you
have checked these, please escalate straight away.

General Principals

    • Changes to an
      identity typically trigger provisioning tasks as modification tasks
    • Changes to role
      assignment also trigger provisioning tasks

Checking Provisioning

The order of
things to check is

    1. After a change is
      made either via the UI, or via an upload, then a provisioning task will be
    2. This should show
      up in the management console under Management –> Job log.
    3. If no job log is
      visible check to see if the job is still running as the log is only output when
      the job has completed. A running provisioning task can be seen in the
      Management –> Status folder using the state column sort to look for
      “running” tasks.
    4. If nothing is
      running or in the job log, this means the task that has been triggered is sat
      in the provisioning queue. This can be viewed in the IdM Admin UI [http://localhost:50000/idm/admin | http://localhost:50000/idm/admin] –>
      Monitoring Tab –> Provisioning Queue drop down.
    5. If these is a
      queue, you must decide if this queue should be processed before completing any
      of the next tasks. 
    1. If the queue was caused by an initial load,
      then it can probably be cleared. This should only be done occasional and
      in conjunction with an experienced consultant.
    1. If the queue is large, the contents should be
      assessed carefully before completing the next steps to start provisioning

Corrective Action

If tasks are in
the queue and it is decided they should be processed, then the problem is one
of the following options


The Dispatcher is not running – check this in Management
     –>      Dispatchers –>


Following this
process should allow for troubleshooting of basic provisioning problems.


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