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Top 10 SAP SCN Blogs with the Most Comments in 2011

After writing an article on the Top 15 Most Popular SAP SCN Blogs of 2011I wanted to shine some light on the top 10 blogs with the most comments in 2011. I have long believed that blog comments are underrated as they are often an indication of a controversial or important topic that has captivated the community. It is amazing how much great information can be found in the comment section and on occasion they are better than the original blog itself.  Special thanks to Gali Kling Schneider, Sylvia Santelli and Jason Lax for helping me get the metrics (as of Dec 27) on the top 10 for last year.

  1. A Spotlight on the New .NET Connector 3.0
    This weblog gives an introduction to the new .NET Connector 3.0 that has been released a few weeks ago. Reading it you will learn why the NCO 3.0 is an important step forward in terms of stability, robustness, and security and see how easy it is to set up connections between .NET applications and the ABAP world using the .NET connector 3.0 with its completely new architecture. By Thomas Weiss(134 comments)
  2. SAP Certification Sale is Bad News
    I think the recently announced SAP Certification Sale is a bad idea and minimizes the certification program. By Jarret Pazahanick(129 comments)
  3. Usability in ABAP ProgramsUsability in ABAP Programs
    Usability is it a key factor to  think in Design when creating ABAP Programs? Let’s take a look in a common  project situation, and see if a program “without business errors” is really only  what end-users wants. By Mauricio Roberto Cruz (78 comments)
  4. 10 Ways to tell if you are an SAP Expert
    10 Ways to tell if you are an SAP Expert and if not what you need to do to become one. By Jarret Pazahanick (74 comments)
  5. Announcing SCN’s Topic Leaders for 2010-2011
    Congratulations to SCN’s Topic Leaders (by points category) for 2010-2011! Who are they? View this blog post to find out! By Jason Cao (65 comments)
  6. Not your Grandfather’s SAP
    SAP Mentor Thorsten Franz goes all touchy-feely and shares his observations and thoughts about the fundamental culture change that is transforming SAP into a new and radically innovative company. It’s not your grandfather’s SAP anymore! Read why. By Thorsten Franz (58 comments)
  7. SAP Support case “FOR ALL ENTRIES disaster”
    How a little mistake in ABAP programming can lead to severe production down-times due to ‘out of memory’. By Carlos Martinez Escribano (50 comments)
  8. Automated Note Search & Customer Code Detection II (release 2.0)
    After the first pilot delivery of Automated Note Search tool, we’re ready to launch release 2.0 including some new features that will delight our fans. By Carlos Martinez Escribano (50 comments)
  9. Top SAP experts – overrated?
    A lively discussion about a HBR blog poses questions about the importance of top SAP experts. By Bernhard Escherich (50 comments)
  10. Thoughts on NetWeaver Gateway
    After a recent SAP Mentor webinar with the Gateway team I tweeted “Replay of #SAPMentors Gateway webinar did nothing to convince me to jump on board”. The Mentors called me out on this pretty quickly. By Graham Robinson (48 comments)

Most of us who blog on the SAP Community Network are honored when people take the time to leave a comment and if we could all be like SAP Mentor Michele Crapo who does a great job of regularly leaving smart and well thought out comments SCN would be better for it. I want to personally encourage everyone reading this blog to spend some time over the next year and leave a comment for blogs that moved you, taught you something, made you happy, made you upset as we as a community will all become smarter because of it.

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    • +1

      A lively comment section shows that the community is alive and kicking, well-functioning and able to provide criticism as well as encouragement. I consider myself lucky because my blogs tend to draw excellent comments, some of which should be blogs in their own right.


      • Thanks for the comment and I have had several blogs in which not only did I learn a lot from the comments but as a whole they were much better than my actual blog itself (certification one is great example) though it is still a good feeling as you helped start a conversation that struck a nerve in the community.
  • I wanted to second your hope to see more people comment in 2012 as authors can certainly learn and appreciate a thoughtful comment.
    Also +1 regarding Michelle Crapo for her thoughtful blog comments! She is to be modeled!