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Scopes of Data Volume Management Services for SAP BW


From my past experience of support and maintenance projects I did understand that Database Management is always a key area in SAP landscapes. When it comes to  improving performance  of a BW system it becomes more vital as well. In order to understand how best we can do this, I used to spend hours together in SAP Service Portals (  to see if any free services are provided by SAP for this. Then i came across some useful tips which anyone should understand while doing a pro-active monitoring. I thought of sharing these points with the BW community. 

Necessity of SAP Data Volume Management:

Even the most modern and technologically advanced database systems can suffer from performance bottlenecks caused by large volumes of data. In applications, this can lead to poor system performance, while from an administration point of view, it can cause increases in the use of resources.

High volumes of data can also have a considerable effect on the total cost of ownership of a system, despite falling storage prices.

In order to avoid the negative effects that large volumes of data have on costs, performance and system availability, SAP offers the following SAP Data Volume Management Service:

What is this DVM Services about:

It helps to setup and monitor a data volume management strategy that defines how to manage and reduce future data growth and reduce existing DB size by following a holistic approach that considers and integrates the following options: data avoidance, data summarization, data deletion and data archiving.

A Data Volume Management strategy contributes

  • The risk      mitigation thru early identification of unusual data volume increase with      expert guidance how to reduce the data growth and data volume
  • The      reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by early monitoring and      control of data volume development and by minimizing the database size      and/or the monthly data growth of SAP Systems and SAP System Landscape      Solutions using best practices and E2E operation standards.

The SAP Data Volume Strategy service for SAP BW analyzes the database for potential size and growth reductions. Although data archiving is a very effective tool for reducing large data volumes, it should not be the only measure used to battle data growth.


How to do Data Reduction:

Data Volume Management in SAP BW consists of

Data Avoidance: Unnecessary data is identified and avoided wherever possible.

Data Summarization: Through the data model. Data should not be kept on the most detailed level, if it is not necessary for reporting or legal reasons.

Data Deletion: Outdated data should be deleted. For the temporary data tables (PSA and Change Log) expiration times should be determined, and data should be deleted after this time.

Data Archiving: Only data that may be needed again in for reporting, or that has to be kept available for legal reasons, should be archived. Retention times for this data should be determined.

Concerning the methodology of data archiving, the service help us understanding the basis information for setting up an archiving project: the type and amount of data that can be archived, and the creation of archiving objects or archiving processes. However, the development (or assessment) of a customer-specific archiving strategy has to be covered by us.

When to Order this Service?

SAP Data Volume Management supports the planning, implementation and organization of a data reduction strategy

  • Proactive: Different phases of solution Implementation.
  • Re-active: During the continuous improvement phases of solution      Operations.
  • Upgrade projects: Minimizing the downtime of upgrade relevant tables      by reducing their data volume using Data Archiving or Data Deletion. 

Service Deliverables:

The SAP Data Volume Management deliverables are

  • Evaluation and monitoring of data volume development
  • Implementation and optimization of data volume reduction
  • Data Volume Quality Assessment at defined Quality Gates
  • Expert monitoring of High-end solutions, ILM, customer      development.


Further information concerning the SAP Data Volume Management Services is available on the SAP Service

Marketplace at:\dvm . 

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