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JMS Topics Adapter Configuration for Publish/Subscribe in PI 7.30

PI 7.30 added JMS topics support to the JMS adapter. Topics provide true pub/sub support. In this blog, we will look at the configurations for JMS topics using IBM MQSeries 7 as an exmaple.

Background Info:

JMS topic provides a true pub/sub architecture. This means that consumers can subscribe to a topic, and whenever a message is published to that topic, the consumer will receive the message. PI 7.30’s JMS adapter can be a subscriber of a topic. The JMS adapter can also publish to a topic. When publishing to a topic, whoever subscribes to that topic will receive the message. This means that receivers (or subscribers) can be added to the integration scenario without us having to make any changes in PI.

In the blog, we will use IBM MQSeries 7 as an example. On the MQ server, topics will have to be created. For more information on the creation and configuration of topics, please reference the following link:
Publish/Subscribe Messaging Can Be Simple with WebSphere MQ

The configuration is quite simple. We basically only need the TopicConnectionFactory java class and the Topic Java Class. For MQ:
TopicConnectionFactory Java Class:
Topic Java Class:

It is assumed that the has already been deployed with the MQ7 drivers.

JMS Sender Communication Channel:
JMS Receiver Communication Channel:


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  • Hi William,

    True…I have successfully tested the enable topic option using Hermes JMS….we don’t need any java proxy to interpret the topic message’s anymore like in 7.11



    • Hi William,

      Thanks for the nice blog. I have requirement where i am integrating Microsoft Biztalk. I need to fetch the data using publishsubscribe. Is it possible with using JMS adapter? If yes what would be my transport protocol in JMS sender adapter?


      Pavan T