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What is new in SAP NetWeaver PI 7.3 EHP1

This document describes some of the new features available in PI 7.3 EHP1.


 Single Stack ESB:


 Hardware requirement reduced by 50% compare to dual stack installation.

  • Up to 60% less in energy conceptions and easy maintenance.
  • Higher volume scenarios can be handled effectively.


Integration Flows:


 Enterprise Integration Patterns is heart for any middleware implementations, Patterns can help in easily realizing common integration challenges. Each pattern-based integration flow lists all the steps required in SAP Net Weaver PI to realize the scenario.


One Central ES Repository for Multiple PI Domains:


Optionally a single ES Repository can be leveraged for multiple PI domains.

  • Central governance incl. re-use of design objects across multiple PI domains.
  • Largely improved flexibility for landscape setup.
  • The ES Repository from any PI domain, i. e. double stack or Java Only PI with / without non-central adapter engines, can be leveraged for other PI domains.
  • But: One domain can only use one ES Repository: Either its own or another domain‘s one.Local ES Repository is disabled; Central ES Repository will belong to all PI domains of SLD model
  • Central SLD required.
  • Configuration via CTC template and optionally also manual.


Logging of Synchronous Messages:


  • Synchronous messages can be logged optionally on Java Only PI.
  • Logging can be configured via global parameter (default) and scenario specific (also for asynchronous scenarios).
  • Support also in user defined message search to search for payload values.


Integration with FTP Proxy Server via File / FTP Adapter:


  • File / FTP adapter supports direct integration with FTP proxy server without any work around.
  • Host name and port of FTP proxy server can be configured in FTP connection parameter settings of File / FTP communication channel with transport protocol FTP.


Completion of Java IDoc Adapter:


  • Functionality of ABAP IDoc adapter fully included in Java IDoc adapter.
  • IDoc packaging on receiver side to simplify IDoc processing, increase performance , simplify monitoring & error handling
  • IDoc flat file module support for IDoc packages (multiple IDocs in a single IDoc flat file of same message / IDoc types).


JMS Adapter Enhancements:


  • Support of further security standards (SSL Support), simplified configuration for integration with IBM Web sphere AS, optimized connection pooling for integration with MQ version 6.
  • Support for Web sphere AS 7
  • JMS connection pool optimization-Connection pooling with MQ version 6;not required anymore for MQ version 7(default configuration setting)
  • JMS topic support –MQ set ClientId, Include Client Id and further connection settings for MQ in channel configuration (previously these were required as additional parameters).


 Principal Propagation for SOAP Adapter (XI Protocol):


  • Principle propagation between ABAP and Java proxies based on SAP logon / assertion ticket.
  • Supported now additionally via XI message protocol of SOAP adapter, similar to SOAP & RFC protocol as well XI message protocol in Integration Server.
  • Message execution under propagated user
  • Based on trusted relationship configured between SAP Net Weaver PI and sender as well receiver system.


Completion of Integration between Java Proxies and SOAP Adapter:


  • All scenarios for communication between SOAP adapter and Java Proxy Runtime via XI 3.0 message protocol are supported.
  • For acknowledgements provider Java proxies and SOAP adapter can run on any Adapter Engine
  • Consumer Java proxies and SOAP adapter can run on any Adapter Engine
  • With this the limitations in SAP Net Weaver PI 7.3 for integration between Java proxies and SOAP adapter (XI protocol) are removed in EHP1 for SAP NetWeaverPI 7.3.


Integrated Stack:


  • Common deployment of AEX and BPM/BRM on one single System ID.
  • Reliable connectivity between messaging and process layer via proven Java Proxy Runtime.
  • Preserve your investments by calling PI mappings (Java, XSLT) from within a BPM process.
  • Model-driven development environment based on BPMN standard
  • Leverage SAP NetWeaver BRM for business rules.
  • Reduce TCO with single System ID installation.
  • Reliable connectivity between BPM and PI/AEX at lower costs (as an alternative to WS-RM).
  • Enhance mapping capabilities within a BPM process by calling PI mappings (e.g., calling XSLT).
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  • Dear Raj,

    Good amount of information about PI 7.3 EHP1…wondering is it not too soon for SAP to bring in Ehp1 for 7.3? May be some features (like that of SSL in JMS) could have included in latest SP for 7.3….might be business decisions…
    “so now time has come to say good bye to ABAP stack”….not feeling good that some day in future we would have to say goodbye to ABAP stack :(….its been a loyal companion since ages 🙂


  • Hi Raja,

    In the PI 7.3 EHP1 installation guide,it seems the dual stack installation option is still available.

    The new PI 7.3 EHP1 also introduce the new installation option “Process Integration and Orchestration Package”, to use this BPM/BRM/AEX combination, does the existing PI customers need to purchase BPM license before upgrading to PI 7.3 EHP1?



    • Hi Sam,

      In SAP TechEd Bangalore SAP folks presented that PI 7.3 EHP1 comes with only single stack instalation option,no mode dual stack.

      SAP changed licence model -SAP BPM/BRM part of PI 7.3 EHP1 (integrated).


      • Hi,

        this is not correct. We still support PI dual stack installation option next to the Java-only installation options with 7.31. However, we do not invest that much anymore in new features on top of the ABAP stack, all new development / innovation goes into the Java stack.


    • Hi Raj, Abhishek,

      As Alex mentioned, PI 7.31 will have both the installation options
      a) Dual Stack (ABAP+Java)
      b) Single Java Only stack or Standalone Engines.
             1) De-central Adapter Engine (AAE-Advance Adapter Engine)
             2) PI Java Only Stack (AEX-Advance Adapter Engine Extended)
             3) Process Orchestration (PI (Java Only) +BPM +BRM)

      • Hi Piyush,

        Thanks a ton for your confirmation, but i really suprised SAP TechEd Bang -SAP people confirmed in PI sessions that PI 7.3 EHP1 will have only single stack instalation option.

        • Hi Raj,

          Not sure which session you attended. But it was a clear message during Teched that the option of Dual Stack will still be provided, however we will have focus on Java Only Stack for new features and enhancements.

          Hope this calrifies the doubt:) Please let us know in case you have more questions.


      • Hi Piyush,

        For the option b)3) Process Orchestration (PI (Java Only) +BPM +BRM)
        Can the existing PI customers upgrade to PI7.31 and use it without the extra BPM licnese cost?

      • Hi Piyush,

        Any license constrain for using option b)3)Process Orchestration (PI (Java Only) +BPM +BRM)? can the existing PI customers use it with no BPM license?

        • Hi Sam,

          Migration Options for selected cases from existing licenses are available.I would recommend to get in touch with your local sales office.


  • Hi,

    Any one has any info on the support for the BPM scenarios designed using dual stack will be supported in Single stack of PI 7.3 or 7.31 ?
    or due to this constraint still dual stack is supported in 7.31 ? If yes how about PI (java stack) + BRM ?

    Thanks in Advance