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SAP releases Simple Sample Applications for Enterprise Services Consumption

Effective immediately, SAP releases twelve Simple Sample Applications for Enterprise Services Consumption (Simple Sample Apps) via the SOA rollout platform Enterprise Services (ES) Workplace. Simple Sample Apps are use cases for the most commonly used enterprise services, based on various SAP consumption technologies. You will find them ready-to-run in the ES Workplace environment, together with technical documentation, coding, implementation models and demo data. Additionally, SAP customers and partners can download and install these applications locally and test them against the back-end systems of the hosted ES Workplace testing environment.

When Simple Sample Apps were announced shortly after New Year’s Eve, the response of the SOA community from all over the world was impressive. The detailed feedback from the beta testers strongly indicated that Simple Sample Apps are the right way to make the first steps towards enterprise services consumption more easy. Let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest and support. 

The first twelve Simple Sample Apps cover 35 of the most popular enterprise services and 16 business objects shipped by SAP today, spanning several business use cases from various industries. For each Simple Sample App, the following assets are available: 

  • An online demo version

  • A detailed documentation on how to use the application

  • An archive ready to be imported in an SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 EhP1 (SAP NW CE 7.1.1)

  • A list of the enterprise services consumed by the app

  • Sample testing data

Plus, there is a detailed guideline on how to install SAP NW CE 7.1.1 on your local PC and how to import an run the application archive.

Simple Sample Apps provide several benefits. First of all, you can take them as a starting point and accelerator for own SOA projects, just by lowering the hurdle to deal with new technology. The apps demonstrate end-to-end what it takes exactly to build a little composite application, using enterprise services that SAP delivers today. Secondly, they are instantiated Best Practices for testing and quality assurance in SOA projects, since a running Simple Sample App is the final proof point that an enterprise service does what it should do. And last but not least, Simple Sample Apps are a great tool for demo and training purposes, as they help everybody explore and understand the essentials of enterprise services consumption in a nutshell.  

Therefore, let’s go to the ES Workplace and get started with Simple Sample Apps. Enterprise services consumption has never been easier!

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  • These are precisely the type of enablers that are necessary to bring ES consumption to a broader audience.  Providing “real world examples” is a great learning mechanism and an excellent way to communicate best practices.

    Very well done!


  • Finally SAP is moving towards consumer level SOA. Will SAP be catering to industry standard interface standards like MISMO (Mortgage), ACORD (Finance, Insurance) etc?

    If yes, this will allow inter-enterprise collaboration at the services level.


    • Hi Sufian:

      SAP is hugely involved in shaping and adopting industry standards such as those you mention.  We are engaged with more than 100 standards bodies – at various technology levels/layers and industry-specific. See this whole section on SDN that describes much of that standards work, and be sure to notice the related blogs and forums that are linked in the right-hand column.

      Mark Yolton