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Social Media Group
SAP’s Social Layer: Making Collaboration Real
“Our group of bloggers and digital influencers received a briefing from Sameer Patel…[who is] in charge of something called Project Robus – an effort to weave together SAP’s “collaboration layer” at the product level…Sameer laid out the three points around which, in his experience, people collaborate. They are data, business process and content (documents).”

SAP Newsroom
SAP adds new social software innovations: web conferencing and brainstorming
“With the integration of Mikogo, people can schedule, host and participate in Web conferences – even share their desktops with other team members – directly within SAP StreamWork activities… Additionally, the new SAP StreamWork Brainstorming mobile app for iPad is now available via iTunes to help users generate fresh ideas and unleash their creative potential while bringing structure to the brainstorming process.”

The cloud’s killer app? SAP’s bid to own the enterprise social space
“And SAP – of all companies – feels it may have the keys to the enterprise social space, including a supremely fast database and a way for employees to maintain a social profile based on her or his talents.”

Enterprise Irregulars
Pinch me. SAP is dreaming up social for the enterprise.
“The operating vision behind the socialization of SAP’s massive ENSW footprint hinges squarely on integrating social with business process. As Patel describes it, ‘This is core infrastructure. It’s like application servers and middleware.'”

Sustainable Business Forum
Using social media for inbound strategic messaging of sustainability programs
“Social business tools are emerging to create significant opportunity in the internal communications space. These tools present the goals and objectives, and relative performance of the organization against stated objectives, as well as information feeds and stories.  Stories can be relating personal experience and commentary (internal websites, topic threads such as SAP StreamWork), community groups and collaborative postings and processes (such as Jive Software), or full enterprise process executions.”

SAP shares five-point BI improvement plan
“BI collaboration is supported via SAP’s StreamWork interface, which was integrated with BusinessObjects 4.0 Feature Pack 3, currently in (beta) ramp up release. Users can directly annotate content and view discussion threads from within the SAP BusinessObjects BI Launchpad. Working within StreamWork, users can also import reports to support a decision process.”

Social task management: A view of the future
“Already this social method of getting work done is finding its way into products from the largest ISVs. For example, SAP StreamWork is built around a similar idea called Activities. Activities are really small workflows that change on the fly according to the actions of team members.”

Finalists – best collaboration/social networking solution
SAP StreamWork has been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Awards for Best Collaboration/Social Networking Solution.

Small Business Trends
Daisy Hernandez of SAP StreamWork: Collaboration in the cloud
“Collaborating in the cloud has opened up a whole new world in business, especially with so many now working mobile or virtually. Gone are the days of time lags when attempting to get your hands on the information you need, right here, right now. Cloud collaboration permits access to this information immediately and it allows everyone to be on the same page, in real time, and this can now even include clients and customers.”

Oracle feeling the pressure as SAP’s new social CMO takes charge
“Late last year, when SAP rolled out improved social and collaboration capabilities using Jive Software coupled with SAP’s own StreamWork app for SAP employees’ internal use, SAP’s travel expenses dropped 10% year over year. SAP launched a survey to understand why. It turns out people could now collaborate across the organization with these tools plus tele-presence and videoconferencing but without the time and expense of travel, and were also able to make a positive impact on the company’s strong commitment to sustainability.”

SAP Newsroom
New executive hire Sameer Patel to advance social enterprise strategy at SAP
“This week, we took another important step in accelerating our social enterprise strategy with the hiring of social computing and technology expert Sameer Patel as global vice president, Enterprise Social Software. Sameer will lead the solutions and go-to-market for collaboration and social software from SAP.”

SAP’s Snabe: Next target, collaboration software
“Collaboration, he says, offers a new opportunity for the company to leverage the strengths of SAP’s installed base. Snabe notes that they already have some assets in this area, including the company’s StreamWork offering, and a small company SAP bought last year called Crossgate which offers EDI management software.”

The Info-Tech Research Blog
SAP StreamWork: Getting things done, not just getting together
“This is where StreamWork brings significant advancements over competitors. Instead of IT designing sites and adding widgets, gadgets or web parts at the design stage, StreamWork ships with numerous business tools that a participant can add to any ‘Activity’ at any time, on a totally ad hoc basis.”

SAP StreamWork furnishes company with efficient collaboration
“Furniture company Vitra, based in Switzerland, looked to business social networking for increased efficiency and collaboration. The most important criteria for choosing an internal social networking platform at Vitra were tight integration into other systems; the ability to easily collaborate and exchange data with external parties; a small footprint; and low maintenance.”

In The Next Version
SAP StreamWork for collaborative decision making
“Instead of focusing generically on sharing, StreamWork is designed to help teams work together to make decisions. For example, say a marketing team needs to do an analysis of the sales pipeline and make recommendations on changes to improve lead flow. Instead of using email to go back and forth discussing spreadsheets, the team can create an ‘activity’ in StreamWork.”
Why enterprise software will never be the same
“Other significant moves in social collaboration by ERP vendors included…SAP’s reseller agreement with social analytics vendor NetBase and efforts to create a bigger ecosystem around its StreamWork application, said Forrester’s Martens.”

Email versus collaboration software
“No matter how hard any organization tries, getting 100 percent of the organization to do everything inside the confines of a single collaboration application is nearly impossible. What is needed is an approach to collaboration software that makes it easy to seamlessly integrate email within the context of the collaboration application.”

InformationWeek – The BrainYard
7 enterprise social platforms think beyond Facebook
“SAP’s buttoned-down StreamWork is a SaaS-based social networking tool built for business collaboration. The Enterprise Edition adds advanced security, automated provisioning, and the ability to integrate with legacy apps, including SAP software and Microsoft SharePoint.”

SAP steps into social media analytics with NetBase
“Stepping into the social media analytics market, SAP will re-sell NetBase’s on-demand software with plans to integrate it with several SAP BusinessObjects products and CRM modules, the vendor announced today…. In turn, integrations are planned for SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management, Sustainability Performance Management, Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis, and StreamWork.”

More BI packages add collaboration: Who needs it?
“There may well be a place for BI-specific collaboration options, particularly when it gets down into details that can’t be addressed by the general-purpose tools, such as drilling down into root-cause data analysis below the top-layer dashboards and reports.”
SAP adds mobile, social capabilities to products
“‘With business analytics, we are combining emerging technologies to fundamentally shift the way people engage with information,’ said Steve Lucas, general manager, Business Analytics, SAP. ‘People are able to access the information and insights they need within the context of their day-to-day work, have the flexibility to collaborate around it and can tap into the collective knowledge of their business networks.'”

Works Management
SAP steals limelight with cloud, mobile, and always-on BI
“Business analytics functionality is moving much closer to everyday accessibility for SAP users, following the software giant’s launch today of StreamWork at the Madrid Sapphire Now TechEd conference…. SAP also says that no training is required, and that planned features intend to allow users to analyse data collectively in SAP StreamWork – including accessing information stored in SAP HANA, for rapid retrieval.”

SAP Newsroom
Business analytics from SAP moves to the masses, delivering greater value to business professionals
“The SAP StreamWork application transforms the way people work, and lightweight, fast and simple analytics are planned to strengthen the collaborative decision-making process. With no training required to use these planned capabilities, analytics tools can be placed into the hands of people who have never used them before.”
The insatiable demand for business analytics
“For social data and collaboration, imagine having the ability to create collaborative workgroups and discussion forums similar to what you’d find in Facebook – ALL integrated with your Business Intelligence system. For customer service and support center jobs this is life changing. Instead of tracking down 20 people from 10 different departments to solve a customer issue, you can have everyone work online, in a single group with access to all the pertinent information needed regarding the task at hand!”

SAP readies comprehensive cloud strategy
“In an exclusive interview with InformationWeek last week, co-CEO Bill McDermott said SAP is now preparing a ‘comprehensive, strategic direction’ that will step up its cloud computing initiatives considerably.”

CIOL News Reports
SAP recognized for decision-making platform
“‘We believe Gartner’s report is further confirmation that SAP is headed in the right direction with our social enterprise strategy focus on enabling business collaboration and decisions with the right data all in one place’, said Jack Miller, general manager and global vice president, SAP StreamWork.”

SAP Newsbyte
SAP recognized by top industry analyst firm for delivering on results-oriented social enterprise strategy
“In its first collaborative decision-making (CDM) vendor profile, ‘Who’s Who in Collaborative Decision Making,’ Gartner Inc. has recognized SAP for collaborative decision-making.”

SAP Watch
SAP StreamWork: Collaboration in the cloud
“With the upcoming BI integration, users will be able to send documents directly between SAP StreamWork and the BI LaunchPad. For instance, a team leader can send a report on how certain tee shirt colors are doing in the market and solicit feedback from the team about which colors should stay – without leaving the BI application.”

PwC Technology Forecast
Transforming collaboration with social tools
“Another example of this approach is SAP StreamWork, which can pull data and information from multiple backend systems into a social environment. Consider a situation in which a company needs to make a supplier decision…. Project members can create an activity stream that pulls relevant information about the potential suppliers from the legacy system, adds business intelligence, and connects with other people in the company who have information about or experience with the suppliers.”

Mobile, location data central to sales order management’s future
“SAP has also released a collaboration tool, called StreamWork, that it has begun integrating with SAP CRM…. For example, a salesperson on a soap account can talk to people in customer service, advertising, a sales manager and an engineer and add them to a group. ‘All the conversations in that group would be shared with everybody who is added and work together,’ Benedict said. ‘It sounds simple, but people haven’t done that before.'”

Financial Times
Linked-up thinking at the office (requires registration)
“SAP has also entered this market with StreamWork, which enables internal project management. Vinay Iyer, a vice-president of marketing, says that its purpose is to create ‘one source of truth’ out of the chaos of spreadsheets, meetings, charts and presentations that ping back and forth via e-mail.”

Google and SAP team up to help you visualize big data
“With SAP StreamWork, a team of customer support representatives in a consumer packaged goods company will be able to collaborate and pinpoint the location of consumer complaints within specific geographies and make a decision regarding how to address and prioritize resolution.”

SAP Newsroom
SAP and Google team to put “big data” on the map
“SAP plans to enhance its business analytics software with location-based data capabilities, allowing people to interact with real-time information via Google Maps. The plans continue a strong history of collaboration between the companies, most recently on advances for the SAP StreamWork application such as inclusion in the Google Apps Marketplace, integration with Google Docs and OpenSocial adoption.”

Google plus SAP deepen ties, deliver more enterprise integration
“The project signals grander ambitions to collaborate further with the search engine giant, according to Steve Lucas, SAP’s GM of Business Analytics…. Integration with Google Docs and SAP’s StreamWork application – SAP’s team workspace – is already available. Users can also use StreamWork through a Google Apps account.”

Collaboration nation: Businesses interested, but use cases still necessary
“Sherryanne Meyer, manager of IT HR Solutions and Delivery Group at Air Products and new member of the ASUG Board of Directors, uses StreamWork to help manage the group of HCM volunteers she helps lead within ASUG. A benefit of StreamWork is that it allows the volunteers in the HCM community to collaborate with people outside of the company and the organization, share documents and lock them down. Plus, a version with limited storage is free for anyone.”
Companies ponder role of enterprise social networks in workflows
“SAP’s enterprise social network, StreamWork Enterprise Edition, follows the standalone model. According to Holly Simmons, SAP’s senior director of on-demand marketing, direct integration to the SAP product life cycle management and CRM modules lets people collaborate in early-stage product design inside a ‘single thread’ in StreamWork. New feeds or activities originating in those applications show up in StreamWork, and related workflows, such as expense approvals, can be handled there.”

Corporate Secretary
Meetings in Cyberspace (no direct link to article available)
“SAP’s StreamWork service offers a website from which board members can conduct polls to approve board meeting minutes, vote on new initiatives and gather feedback on committee work. ‘During board meetings, directors can take live notes in StreamWork and incorporate feedback immediately before drafting minutes, which can save time that would have been spent discussing changes in the next meeting,’ says Holly Simmons, senior director of on-demand marketing with SAP in San Francisco. ‘Our hosted platform can also save relevant documents all in one place prior to a meeting rather than relying on emails, which might be deleted, lost or outdated.'”

Enterprise social vendors play own game of survivor
“App stores and APIs are signs the social software ecosystem is evolving fast. Which companies will survive, and which will become extinct?”

Sizing up SAP StreamWork: Users weigh in
“The 2011 version is much slicker than the beta I tried, so I’ve roped a couple of my colleagues into testing it out on a survey project we have due this summer.”

Wikibon Blog
SAP looks to reinvent itself with social media, collaboration capabilities
“Enterprise application vendors are increasingly integrating social collaboration features initially developed in the consumer space into their products. SAP must do the same if they are to stay competitive and relevant.”

Who’s the top innovator: SAP Or Oracle?
“A customer’s query at SAP’s Sapphire User Conference forces a closer look at the two companies.”

New SAP StreamWork aims to boost collaboration
“SAP said bridging the gap between applications lets more people, from employees to suppliers, leverage social collaboration. SAP said the goal is to eliminate ‘little islands.'”

IT Business Edge
SAP touts StreamWork’s integration with enterprise apps
“The closer the link between collaboration tools and core enterprise applications, the easier it will be for folks to convert their ideas and discussions into actions that result in real business gains.”

StreamWork growing up: It can now integrate with other SAP applications
“This week SAP expanded the ability of StreamWork, its enterprise 2.0 software-as-a-service, to integrate with other enterprise SAP software.”

SAP takes tepid step on collaboration
“SAP announced Wednesday that it is ‘bringing collaborative capabilities to every application and facet of work’ with its StreamWork collaboration service.”

SAP puts StreamWork at the heart of BI tools
“SAP will make its collaborative StreamWork platform a central component of its business intelligence products to enable better collaboration across all aspects of its software, the company said on Wednesday.”

Manufacturing Executive
Social collaboration for the enterprise: SAP takes a step forward
“SAP this week took a step forward in merging the world of enterprise systems and social media, announcing plans to integrate its 14-month-old StreamWork social collaboration tool with all of its enterprise applications.”

SAP StreamWork now available to integrate with SAP business software
“With the new integration capabilities, it expects it will expand its reach even further so people in diverse roles – employees, clients, partners and suppliers – can benefit from secure social collaboration in the context of their work.”

eCRM Guide
SAP rolls StreamWork collaboration into CRM, ERP
“The company has announced it is extending enterprise social networking and collaboration by integrating its cloud-based SAP StreamWork Application with all SAP business software, making StreamWork the ‘social hub’ for all things SAP.”

StreamWork, SAP’s collaboration software, to integrate with BI, CRM
“SAP’s StreamWork platform – its on-demand collaboration software – will integrate easier with its BI tools later this year, the vendor said. Such integration capabilities are already available for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Strategy Management products.”

IDG News
SAP making StreamWork its collaboration hub
“SAP is attempting to give its StreamWork problem-solving software a more central role within customers’ IT environments by linking the applications to its core ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications, the vendor announced Wednesday.”

ComputerWorld Canada
SAP extends StreamWork integration to CRM
“The German software company continues on its promised direction to tie social collaboration with back-end business systems across the enterprise.”

Computer Business Review
SAP releases cloud-based collaborative app StreamWork
“Enterprise application software provider SAP has released the cloud-based collaborative application SAP StreamWork for integration with SAP business software.”

Manufacturing Computer Solutions
SAP makes collaboration core to business apps
“SAP’s cloud-based collaborative application StreamWork is now available to integrate with SAP business software – delivering on the software giant’s promise to bring information sharing to every aspect of business.”

SAP adds OpenSocial API to StreamWork
“Apps built with the social Web development standard can be made available to users of SAP’s collaborative decision-making software.”

SAP StreamWork now supports open programming standard OpenSocial
“A number of companies have already taken advantage of StreamWork’s support for OpenSocial, including GotDecisions, an application that guides the decision-making process by imitating the basic way that the human brain thinks and reaches conclusions, according to SAP.”

PC World
SAP hopes to boost StreamWork sales with OpenSocial
“SAP has added support for the Google-backed OpenSocial programming standards for social applications to its StreamWork collaboration software, the company announced Wednesday.”

SAP Extends Ecosystem via Google Docs Alliance
“SAP this week inked an alliance with Google under which SAP StreamWork software will be integrated with Google Docs.”

Computer Business Review
SAP enhances StreamWork App
“SAP has enhanced its StreamWork application with the addition of Google Docs integration and native tools to make the decision-making software easier, faster and intuitive to use.”

CIO Blog
SAP Joins the Google Apps Marketplace
“In joining the Google Apps Marketplace, we see a great opportunity to reach over 3 million Google Apps businesses who have already embraced the cloud and we invite them to try out SAP StreamWork.”

5 big themes in BI for 2011
“Envision a Facebook influence on BI: decision-makers bring together the right people virtually; users themselves control the flow and content instead of a central IT group who secures the data and subsequent analyses. Tasks, comments, opinions, and even new sets of data and analyses are brought together seamlessly.”

Fortune Tech
Four directions enterprise tech will take in 2011
“Good news for those of us who sneak a peek at our Facebook feed while at work: Social networking may soon be part of our job description.”

Talkin’ Cloud
Google Apps Marketplace gets SAP StreamWork
“Add SAP to the list of SaaS vendors supporting the Google Apps Marketplace, as the IT giant puts its StreamWork information unification solution up for purchase, offering Google administrators a way to integrate the two offerings.”
Podcast: SAP Influencer Summit and 2011 Direction – SAP Mentor Roundtable
“There is still work to do to bring processes together into StreamWork, but when they achieve that, it’s going to be very exciting” – from transcript at 34:10

Blog: Kevin’s Enterprise Mobility Strategies

SAP StreamWork, social intelligence and mobile devices
“As an SAP Mentor, I use this solution a lot when SAP Mentors from around the world are working on a collaborative project.”

Blog: Pareto plus Peter
Collaboration using SAP StreamWork
“I was excited to see SAP offering a robust, easy to use, and clean web-based application that works just as well for a company my size as for large multi-nationals.”

What’s next and what’s missing from SAP
“So what’s SAP’s answer to collaboration and social networking? At the top of the list is SAP StreamWork, a free, cloud-based application that anybody can sign up to use at”

DM Radio
Strategic program management and the new collaboration (requires registration)
“With project teams spread far and wide, sometimes across international boundaries, organizations are finding new and innovative ways to collaborate.”

Channel Register
Novell slaps iPhone interface on cloud control kit
“In a separate announcement, SAP has announced that it has tapped Novell to create a virtual security appliance to encapsulate a plug-in that allows for SAP’s StreamWork online collaboration tool to be linked back into enterprise applications running on corporate systems.”

SAP StreamWork eyes enterprise after Google Wave crash
“The business software maker Dec. 6 took its StreamWork application up a few notches, delivering it to enterprises both in the cloud and via an on-premise solution; putting it in the Google Apps Marketplace; and providing a StreamWork mobile app accessible via RIM’s Blackberry smartphones.”

Managing Automation
Collaboration tool from SAP goes enterprise
“SAP’s StreamWork, a collaboration tool aimed at helping business teams conduct unstructured processes, rolls out as an enterprise edition with Novell security tools and integration to enterprise applications.”

SAP brings collaboration app StreamWork to Google’s App Store
“Google adds another big name in SAP to its catalogue with the addition of a stream-powered collaboration tool.”

StreamWork available from Google Apps and SAP Service Marketplace
“SAP has announced that its SAP StreamWork application will be available via the Google Apps Marketplace and the SAP Service Marketplace, as part of its strategy to extend the availability of SAP product offerings on premise, on demand and on device.”

SAP brings more choices to business and IT
“SAP AG introduced new innovations for the SAP StreamWork application that provides business and IT with valuable new choices.”

SAP launches StreamWork enterprise edition
“StreamWork will also now be available through the Google marketplace because of a partnership with that company. Users will be able to log in to StreamWork with their Google IDs. The application will also soon be available on BlackBerry devices.”

Cloud Ave
Well, well, SAP is now on Google Apps MarketPlace.
“Straight from the Who-woulda-thunk-it department: time to rethink the Enterprise Software is Not Sexy meme.”

ERP Executive
Answering the questions about SAP’s on-demand applications
“StreamWork is SAP’s latest homegrown on-demand application, focusing on enterprise collaboration. StreamWork recently announced its “Enterprise Edition” and invited online applications for its Enterprise Edition beta program.”

SAP StreamWork lands in Google Apps Marketplace
“Google Apps users can now try a collaborative decision-making application from SAP that includes technology from Google Wave.”

SAP’s StreamWork now available in Google Apps Marketplace
“StreamWork, SAP’s enterprise collaboration SaaS, is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace. The company also announced an enterprise edition of StreamWork and a mobile application for BlackBerry handsets.”

The Official Google Blog
SAP joins the Google Apps Marketplace with a collaborative decision-making app
“Just like with the other 200+ Marketplace applications, users will be able to log in to their StreamWork account with their Google Apps account and navigate to it from the Google universal navigation bar.”

The Official Google Enterprise Blog
SAP joins the Google Apps Marketplace with SAP StreamWork
“With Google Apps integration, the SAP StreamWork environment will be joined with the tools you are already familiar with in the cloud.”

Novell News
Guest post: SAP and Novell bring more choices to business and IT
“SAP and Novell are taking steps to bridge the gap between business peoples’ need for software that is easy to obtain and use, and difficulty for IT’s need for managing the security of data in the cloud.”

IT World Canada
SAP StreamWork integrates with Novell, RIM, Google
“The goal of the new enterprise edition of the collaborative business process management software, following the cloud edition last March, is to help IT departments resolve the challenge of integrating apps across on-premise, on-demand and on-device.”

eCRM Guide
SAP taps Novell for StreamWork collaboration service
“The new StreamWork Enterprise solution leverages virtualization efforts from Novell to deliver a software appliance version that is powered by Linux.”

Channel Insider
Google Apps gets SAP StreamWork App
“SAP StreamWork is now available on the Google Apps Marketplace, opening up SAP’s potential market to millions more through the cloud-based offering.”

International Business Times
SAP’s SaaS product StreamWork app now on Google Apps Marketplace
“Google has announced that SAP is launching a collaborative decision-making app StreamWork in Google Apps Marketplace which enables integration with Google Apps.”

SAP announces innovations for StreamWork
“SAP recently announced innovations to its StreamWork application that the company says will extend the availability of SAP data management solutions for on-premise, on-demand and mobile use.”

Review: Evernote is a great way to keep up with your life
“There are a number of different applications that interface with Evernote. For example…SAP Streamwork allows you to share your work with others and brainstorm.”
SAP to add StreamWork collaboration application to Business Suite modules
“In a matter of weeks, and continuing through the first half of next year, SAP will begin attaching a StreamWork module to specific applications in the Business Suite”
Work will find a way: Manage the true risk
“A new class of solutions are emerging that let people complete their work they way they want to, trusting them to make mistakes – but allowing IT just the right amount of control to balance risk and reward.”

Collaboration: A new picture develops
“We became overwhelmed by the ‘Reply All’ approach to communicating.” Dallas-based animal rescue organization Paws In The City is using SAP StreamWork to plan fundraising events and share information.

Google Wave partner SAP says StreamWork still on track

Brainstorm Magazine
Better decisions are on the horizon

Giving shape to collaboration tech: How SAP StreamWork breaks down the process of making decisions
StreamWork and Elements: Not your father’s SAP
SAP hopes to make collaboration splash with StreamWork

Video: SAP demos StreamWork at Enterprise 2.0
Vendors no longer shy away from Facebook comparisons

Is lightweight workflow here at last?

SAP Newsroom
SAP StreamWork helps companies of all sizes transform the way people work
SAP StreamWork latest merging of collaboration portal and BI software

SAP formally releases real-time collaboration platform as StreamWork

Information Management

SAP offers cloud-based collaboration tool

CRM Magazine

SAP slips StreamWork into the cloud-based collaboration current

SAP updates cloud offering

SAP targets smaller customers with cloud collaboration service

CMS Wire
SAP’s StreamWork goes GA, fills gap in Google Wave?

SAP Web 2.0
Introducing SAP StreamWork: new decision collaboration

SAP launches collaboration cloud

The information workplace gets social

Does StreamWork give a picture of SAP’s future?

SAP’s ‘virtual war room’ tool gets a name: StreamWork

Network World
SAP targets online collaboration market with StreamWork

Formerly Known as 12sprints, SAP StreamWork is now generally available

SAP debuts cloud-based collaboration apps

Customer Think
Will StreamWork get SAP out of its innovation funk?
Evernote’s incorporated in SAP collaboration tool

Geek O Pedia
SAP’s StreamWork collaboration tool officially released

SAP Newsroom
SAP releases public beta version of cloud-based project 12sprints, becomes research partner for The 2.0 Adoption Council

Plans for 12sprints include integration with SAP

Information Today
SAP in open beta of collaborative web platform – code name, 12sprints

CTO Edge
Wrestling with collaboration

PC World
SAP’s enterprise collaboration tool entering public beta

Enterprise Irregulars
SAP’s 12sprints joins the social enterprise bandwagon

SAP launches a Google Wave for the enterprise

SAP offers 12sprints as enterprise alternative to Google Wave

Managing Automation
Where the enterprise and the cloud meet

SaaS Journal Ulitzer
SAP takes another run at SaaS

Competing on collaboration: SAP releases Wave, Sharepoint-esque tool

Fierce Content Management
SAP opens 12sprints collaboration tool to public beta

Enterprise applications: SAP’s 12sprints collaboration platform could challenge Google Wave

SAP makes cloud collaboration available as free beta

Inside SAP
Free public beta out now for SAP’s cloud based decision making tool

Computer Business Review
SAP launches public beta of collaboration tool

Manufacturing Computing Solutions
SAP releases public beta of cloud-based 12sprints project

Enterprise Irregulars
Where business process meets 2.0

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